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Rain or Shine, STS9 Presents ‘Push The Sky’ at Red Rocks

Rain or Shine, STS9 Presents ‘Push The Sky’ at Red Rocks

Patrik Essy

September 10th, 2019

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Beginning their Colorado adventure at the Paramount Theater on Thursday night, then to Red Rocks for two nights Friday and Saturday, STS9 made sure to make this experience one of a kind. Presenting “Push the Sky,” they brought a whole new immersive production to Red Rocks Amphitheater. After their “Cave of Crystals” theme from last year, the band unveiled new production that they called “Push the Sky“. This included not only a brand new stage but also three sets each night. You did read that right, three sets each night from STS9. From stunning visuals, to incredible music,this show had a little bit of something for everybody despite the rain.

From songs such as “ABCees,” to “Rent,” to a “Push it” cover originally done by Salt-N-Pepa, the jams never stopped. Even during the intense rain. Ending their final set on Saturday night with an encore of “Presence of Light,STS9 made sure to keep the audience involved the entire time. From drummer Zach Velmer non stop giving his all on the drums, to Alana Rocklin giving us that steady kick of the bass, they took the crowd to multiple different places with their music.

STS9 playing in the rain
Photo by: Adi Sadeh

A Little STS9 History

Zach Velmer, shown above has been the drummer for STS9 for a large number of years. In an interview with Westword, Velmer talks about where he’s from and how he got to where he is today. “I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Also where my parents are from,” Velmer tells Westword.

They then go into asking Velmer how he got into music, he responds “I was pretty active when I was younger, and when I was in elementary school, I took this one test, and I scored really high on eye-hand coordination. Going into middle school, they asked if I wanted to play drums, because of this test, this standardized test that I took. And I really didn’t want to play in the school band, but I wanted to play on a drum set. So I convinced and swindled and got my pop to get me a drum kit and from that moment, in the fifth grade, I just started playing. It was just something I picked up and started doing, and I’m still doing it today”. Full interview with Zach Velmer can be found here.

The Crowd Rages on in the Rain for Day One

STS9 wasn’t the only act performing at Red Rocks for their two night run. Night one acts included Marvel Years, STS9 set one, OTT and then STS9 Sets two and three. Marvel Years started out the night strong, playing a 30 minute set to begin the music. Next came STS9’s first set, starting slower and quieter with their stage only being at half stand(As the nights would continue on, the lights above them would raise up and down while also angling down toward the group to the audience.

After was OTT, who performed his DJ set in the round. This meant his CDJ’s were set up on a table in VIP while he played. All the lights in the amphitheater were turned off besides the side lights on the rocks, and the lights surrounding OTT in the the round. About 45 minutes later STS9 joined the stage to start their sets of the night through the rain. They played old tunes and new tunes to present “Push the Sky,” their brand new crowd immersing production. No better place to present that production than an outdoor venue. On night one the rain did start to pickup, but that didn’t stop any of the crowd or band as they continued to Push the Sky.

Night Two Closing out the Weekend

Night two had a pretty similar setup, with Thriftworks beginning at 7 starting the music off into STS9’s first set of that night. Thriftworks, a California based producer is a fan-favorite in Colorado. Party Guru Press was lucky enough to cover his show in Boulder, Colorado. Eprom was then set to play, having his DJ set in the round as well, ending his set in a unique way by bringing his son out to help him finish off the set. As the crowd went wild, Eprom’s son continued to twist knobs for a great ending to his set. Finally, STS9 joined the stage one last time to play their final two sets. This set brought the total to 9 sets, including their WaveSpell set at the Paramount theater in Denver.

STS 9 Fans in the Rain

Photos by: Adi Sadeh

From 9 different sets, to a brand new production, STS9 brought their all. Starting at the Paramount Theater in Denver to two nights at Red Rocks Amphitheater, this was a three night experience nobody will forget. With a total of 9 sets played after the entire weekend, they were sure to play something for everybody. Despite the rain and the weather, each night was unforgettable. If you are looking to catch STS9, they are headed to New York for two separate shows first. Then, they are onto Massachusetts to preform one night at The House of Blues. Make sure to check them out on one of their stops, they are sure to have something to make you move your body!

Picture by: Adi Sadeh

Photos by Adi Sadeh

STS9 SoundCloud

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