“It’s Quite F**king Right!”

Quite Right Records is a label based in Denver, Colorado. Their mission is “to bring humans together, from all walks of life, to experience true connection through vibration.” This label focuses on electronic music, specifically techno and house. Over the past four years, Quite Right has produced over sixty releases!

This week, Party Guru Press got a chance to learn more about Quite Right Records from their founder, Brandon (also known as DSQISE).

The World Is Ending

On Friday, November 13th, Quite Right released their second official compilation album. This album features new tracks from label residents as well as up-and-coming talents. Artists on this compilation come from all over the world, ranging from locations in Colorado all the way to Italy. The World Is Ending: A Compilation contains eleven beautiful house and techno tracks that provide “the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse”.

Artists on the compilation include Quite Right Records residents and regulars JourneyDeep and Einida Eleven. San Diego’s BYRD also makes an appearance along with Sartorius and Dzhef, to name a few others. Between all of the tracks, there are plenty of house and techno sub-genres to listen to.

The World Is Ending happens to be Quite Right‘s last major release of 2020. This is because Quite Right is taking time to gear up for their string of new releases beginning in March of 2021.

2020: It’s An Internet Rave

Up until this spring, Quite Right has hosted after-hours events at various, secret locations in Denver. In addition, Quite Right and Quite Low takeovers took place at different venues with music by their own artists and friends. Quite Low is actually the sister record label to Quite Right and focuses on drum and bass. Examples of venues that have been graced by their sweet beats include The Black Box, Club Vinyl, and Bar Standard.

In March of this year, COVID-19 regulations forced live in-person events to come to a halt. But, that didn’t stop Quite Right! Once live events were no longer allowed, Quite Right transitioned their events and after-hours shows to livestreams. These Internet Raves have taken place every Friday for thirty-three weeks now on quitelive.com. Quite Right, Quite Low, and Feed Your Pulse all host these virtual events.

Typically, these livestreams last for three hours. The first half is hosted by Quite Right and is dedicated to house and techno. Then, Quite Low hosts the second half which is packed full of drum and bass in addition to other bass styles.

Every week, in-house visuals are presented by Mynus who is one of the co-founders of Pulse of Prophets. Additionally, he is part of the Feed Your Pulse collective. Mynus is extremely skilled at creating and manipulating moving images that go along with the artists’ music. Anyone who watches an Internet Rave is sure to appreciate the intricate, artistic visuals presented by Mynus. He’s definitely one to watch!

The livestream that took place on Friday, November 13th was a special edition to celebrate the release of The World Is Ending. Artists on the compilation were featured on this extended livestream that went for five hours. Click the following links to view the video replays: Sartorius, Rex Buchanan + MeowMixx, and Dzhef, IMVGINE , Andrew Bon Bosher b2b DSQISE.

Party Guru x Quite Right

About two months ago, Party Guru and Quite Right decided to collaborate on Quite Right’s weekly Internet Raves. This means that the livestreams are broadcasted both through Quite Right and Party Guru‘s channels. Quite Right has also been focusing on building their streaming community through Twitch. Each week, they have been interacting with fans more frequently through the chat features.

Making An IMPACT

Even before live events were shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, Quite Right has been dedicated to helping local organizations. At each of their in-person events, they would set up a large donation bin for a clothing drive. The donations that were collected were given to the Denver non-profit, Impact Locally, and their clothing store for the homeless, Humanity.

Currently, Quite Right is keeping up with donations to Impact Locally. In addition to working to raise awareness about the non-profit organization, they provide a direct link to their donation page on quitelive.com.

The quitelive.com page also has links to a few other local organizations. Quite Right wants to spread awareness about current issues that can be addressed through local organizations. Even more so, they want to help their listeners realize that they can help make an impact on local organizations and causes that they truly support. These organizations support POC (people of color), equality, and the fight against injustice. These include The McBride Impact, The Colorado Freedom Fund, 10 For 10, and Compassion 4 Free.

Merch Alert

Feed Your Pulse and Revival Concepts continue to team up to produce some amazing merchandise. Revival Concepts is a custom apparel company based in Denver. The fire merchandise that they create is for both the labels themselves as well as individual artists.

Coming Up

So far, Quite Right’s Internet Raves are booked out through January! That means that there are plenty more weekly livestreams to come. Furthermore, they hope to keep the Internet Raves going even after live shows resume. So far, everyone has really enjoyed these and it’s been a great way to bring everyone together as a community.

Even though Quite Right’s next big release isn’t until the spring, listeners can definitely expect some surprises during the winter. Be on the lookout for freebies (various releases) and new merch.

The World Is Ending is now available on all major streaming platforms. Click here and crank it up!

Photos By Quite Right Records, Hoss Photography

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