Sunday the 14th, Denver was lucky enough to catch Pouya’s LIQUID SUNSHINE tour at Summit Music Hall, where he brought a performance like no other. Pouya brought some dope friends, Ramirez and Boobie Lootaveli. Boobie Lootaveli is a definite hype master, he brought major energy and got the crowd going, not to mention the bangers he continuously dropped. Boobie Lootaveli got so wild it ended up breaking the set up that they have for the visuals, which meant Pouya and Ramirez had to go extra hard. Pouya and Ramirez did just that, bringing everybody up on stage and playing some of their top hits, like Pouya’s “1000 Rounds,” which went absolutely off. The energy that Pouya and friends brought was absolutely unreal. From the moshing to sound quality, this show was not one that you wanted to miss.

Pouya & Ramirez at Summit , Denver CO.

Photos By Kevin Gordon

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