Porter Robinson

As an artist evolves, the journey of exploring new sounds and visions can be both celebrated and critiqued. Some fan bases are more forgiving, embracing new music with the same enthusiasm as when they first discovered the artist. Others are more resistant to change.

Porter Robinson’s career is a prime example of this dynamic. His transition from the powerful synth-led sounds of his album Worlds to the industrial and techno influences of his Virtual Self project stirred significant reactions from his passionate fan base.

The release of Nurture, his second album under the Porter Robinson name, marked another shift. This euphorically calm effort, notable for prominently featuring his own vocals, further divided his audience. Fans who were attached to the mainly electronic sound of ‘Worlds’—a staple in the mid-2010s EDM scene—found themselves at a crossroads. However, many embraced the new direction of ‘Nurture’ and his additional side projects.

Despite widespread acceptance, a vocal segment of the internet expressed their dissatisfaction and longing for the old Porter Robinson sound. This feedback did not deter him. Instead, it led to the creation of an album that disregards external expectations entirely.

His upcoming album SMILE! 😀, set for release in July, abandons much of his electronic roots in favor of a full pop style. The first two tracks have already made it clear that Porter is now embracing a pop star persona.

Accompanying this new musical direction is Porter’s first world tour, spanning North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. This tour will showcase his entire discography, feature special guests, and include a new live production in some of the largest venues he has ever played.

The SMILE! 😀 World Tour will make its Denver stop at Ball Arena on October 17th. With Porter’s unparalleled creativity and live performance prowess, combined with the intrigue surrounding his new album, this show is set to be an unmissable fall event.

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