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Polo and Kygo – A Dynamic Duo

Polo and Kygo – A Dynamic Duo

Samantha Williams

September 9th, 2019

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On August 7th, both sports and music combined for one epic occurrence. Polofest, hosted at the Denver Polo Club. Polofest is an experience that can cater towards any desire a festival-goer would have. The event went something like this: polo by day, music by night. Renowned polo players had the chance to showcase their expertise in the afternoon, promptly followed by unique musical acts who played long after sunset. The entire event was lively as it took place amongst food vendors and summer games like cornhole. As an entirely different take on Labor Day weekend, Polofest was absolutely enjoyable.

The event started with a youth polo match, music by Zach Heckendorf, as well as outreach events sponsored by the Equine Partnership Program and the Denver Polo Club. Summed up, Polofest was one word: dynamic. Attending the even felt creative, not consumerist. While watching opponents compete with each other on the polo grounds, one could feel the intense attitudes of the players and the strength of the horses. One can only imagine the dedication each party had to put forth in order to make the matches so entertaining. A sense of community was brewing and can be felt throughout the venue. Polofest continued to bring awareness to polo as a sport, as well as emphasized the importance of the human-equine connection. Following the first polo matches, Zach Heckendorf took the stage for an uplifting set filled with acoustic pop compositions.

A Day of Polo and Music

As the afternoon progressed, Chelsea Cutler, SOFI TUKKER, and the All Pro Matches commenced. The All Pro matches flooded with unparalleled intensity. Some of the world’s top polo players were able to display their keen abilities atop an agile horse, as they cut, galloped, and swiftly scored goals. Much like the superior skills of the polo players, equal talent was exhibited by the following musical artists. Chelsea Cutler was an exceptional addition to the event’s lineup, due to her young artistry and incredible talent. Likewise, she was a refreshing and inspiring performer for a very diverse crowd. The Grammy-nominated SOFI TUKKER was up next, and their concert experience was completely unique. The stage was heavily occupied by plants, and their attitude remained vibrant throughout the entire set. The duo had a magnetic stage presence with synchronized choreography and a playful back and forth with vocal and instrumental support.

Kygo and Polo, the Perfect Combo

Lastly was the 27-year-old electronic music mastermind Kygo. The Norwegian legend played his personal hits like “Firestone,” “Stole the Show,” “It Ain’t Me,” and everything in between. The crowd broke into song with extreme exuberance. In addition, all these tracks were supported by deep house beats or lighthearted mid tempo tracks. That kept the mood inspiring and emotional. Not only was the music an amazing part of Kygo’s set, but so was the physical production. The stage that Polofest featured was equivalent to a premiere festival stage. Kygo had complementary screens on either side of him as well as behind. Combined with a powerful sound quality and complex light show, it was a set people will not soon forget. Not only that, but his set proved to be elaborate when it was paired with pyrotechnics.

Once the festivities ended, it was apparent that another amazing music event can be featured in the Denver area. Last year’s Polofest had a similarly impressive lineup, with Phantogram and Quinn XCII. Again, the sponsors of Polofest have proven they can return with impressive talent, both athletically and professionally. Next year’s Polofest will be a must attend, and this year’s will be one of the most notable shows in Denver of the summer.

Photos by Kevin Gordon

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