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Photography During A Pandemic

Photography During A Pandemic

Patrik Essy

September 21st, 2020

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Let’s be honest this year has been tough on us all, including photographers and other members inside of the community. Of course we all really don’t think of photographers being ones that are truly impacted since they probably have other jobs but some have been hit harder than you may think. Something that turned into a hobby for some turned into a living for others. Photographers could go back to finding a job but even during a pandemic that is very tough. We all need to remember that with darkness there is light. Party Guru Press reached out to some photographers on Instagram for a little insight on how they are doing during these times.

First we asked our fellow photo friends, “How has Covid-19 affected your plans for this year”. Underground.exposure_ responded “Lots of canceled gigs, yup” and sethviews commented “Ruined everything music related for me. That seems a bit how we are all feeling about the industry shutdown. You may be reading this thinking, yeah it’s just concerts no big deal there is people getting sick and not being able to travel to see family. Yeah you would be right. One of our fellow followers responded, ” I could not go to my country for my daughters birthday because this sh*t quarantine”. This has been tough on us all, we all need to remember we are in this together.

Deadmau5 at Red Rocks Amphitheater night one

Photo shown above was taken by David Cohn of Deadmau5 at Red Rocks in 2019. “Is photography/ videography your main source of income?” David responds “Yes”. Sethviews again responds “Yes it has been for the last 5-6 months”. As time continues to move forward we must all adapt to the new ways. Cohnography (David Cohn) has told us he’s moved towards product and corporate photo shoots for money. Sethviews told us he’s began picking up weddings to cover bills and living but he still enjoys it. For somebody to have a passion for somebody even when the times seem a bit against them is a beautiful thing to see.

With all this time being inside quarantining it’s given everyone time to learn something new. Cohnography responds telling us he is getting into artistic abstract photography as well as film photography. Sethviews tells us about how he is taking courses for video editing as he feels his photos are decent for now. Learning new things is something that will help us all continue to grow and strengthen ourselves. Below is a photo shot by sethviews from Backwoods 2019.

Photos By David Cohn and sethviews

In conclusion this will all get better. Our final question was “Do you have any big plans for once ‘Covid is over’? The answers were pretty clear, “TOUR”, “Grind out Youtube heavy for the car scene and music” and “Create more short films” were a few of the answers. For artists to stay creative in such dark times can be tough, but these photographers aren’t letting the hustle stop.

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