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Peekaboo Sells Out The Ogden Theater

Peekaboo Sells Out The Ogden Theater

Brandon Carrick- Brown

February 6th, 2020

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Peekaboo Night 2

Mathew Lucas, musically known as Peekaboo sold out the Ogden Theatre two nights in a row on January 31st and February 1st. His music passion originates from specifically his dad being a professional trumpet player. Peekaboo then started to become really savvy with the guitar and trumpet. His passion for music lead him to the University of Michigan to study audio engineering of horror films. In early 2017, Peekaboo left Michigan to rather pursue his music career. Shortly after, he released his 1st EP Revenge. Soon the EP was found by the lord himself Bassnectar, mainly for the track “Wobbly”.

Peekaboo Night 1

Peekaboo quickly started to blow up and get recognition around the globe because of his heavy-hitting bass lines in 2018. With the release of a remix with G-Rex called “Witch Doctor” by ATLiens, he began his onslaught of heavy hitters one after another, including the self-release called “U Don’t Know Me”, Revenge EP and his remix of Liquid Strangers song “Hotbox”. Peekaboo continues to blow people away and unleash new music. Adding to his growing success, Peekaboo released another 4 track extended play Maniac EP and “Babatunde” in the same year.

The Openers

ISOxo began the night just how you want the opener to do so with energy on stage. Which surely got the early packed crowd into the flow of the evening. During his set, ISOxo is dropping Trap and heavy Melodic Trap. He is at a loss for words as he describes how he is overall, very grateful to be particularly here in Denver all the way from LA. Nevertheless, night two is upon us and has a whole different vibe from him. Right from the beginning, he plays some super heavy dubstep, which certainly sets the tone for the evening.

ISOxo Night 1

Zeke Beats took the stage next and blew everyone away with his DJing style and skills. Not many out there can scratch to Hybrid Trap and make it sound this incredible. Being off tempo or beat just by a split second can make the scratching unbearable, however, Zeke Beats is dead on and ripping the decks apart. Night two is a mystery, can he live up to his set from night one? With absolutely no question, he meets and surpasses his set from night one. He spins around and DJs backwards, which especially causes the crowd to go wild.

Direct Support Night 1 & 2

Following Zeke Beats on night one, Mr. Bill Gates took the crowd into a new dimension with Trippy Bass Psychedelic tracks and brings the tempo down with some slow wubs. They let their music speak for itself as they generally are never on the mic. The crowd feels the vibe and energy during their entire set. Furthermore, this is a perfect transition for Peekaboo. Whereas, Truth takes the stage on night two. He slays the decks with the slow melodic wubs from the Deep, Dark, and Dangerous label, which basically sets the perfect tone for the last act.

The Impossible Tour

Peekaboo Night 1

Finally, the time is here and what everyone has been waiting for night one. From the beginning to the end the production is at its fullest potential with lasers and the LED screen. Peekaboo brings the heat with some heavy Trap Bass Wubs. Additionally, he mixes in some house beats, which is perfect for changing the tone. The crowd vibes with every change and the dance party gets even more wild. Then, ISOxo comes on stage for a collab. The energy goes back into a super wub and the crowd explodes even more as ISOxo gets wild on the table. On night two, Peekaboo continues his sorcery with a slower heavy Trap Bass Wub. Although, the crowd explodes when he plays “Illusion,” a collab with Bassnectar. He finishes the night with a funky new tune to keep everyone evidently talking and excited for new music in the works.

Photos of Night One by Emma Sariah Rojo

Photos of Night Two by Roberto Loya


From coming out of nowhere in 2018 to selling out the Ogden just two years later is very impressive. Certainly, Peekaboo’s vision, sound, and vibe can explain how he was able to do this. Overall, the energy of the weekend remains unmatched. Without a doubt, the music and production during this two-night run will be talked about for weeks to come. Shout out to AEG and Peekaboo for curating such a unique and incredible event.

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