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Opiuo Brings the Funk to Mission Ballroom

Opiuo Brings the Funk to Mission Ballroom


November 13th, 2019

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“Live your life and live your dreams, because you don’t know how long you’ve got.” Inspiring words from Opiuo rang through Mission ballroom midway through yet another exceptional set. Opiuo once again exceeded expectations. The accompanying lineup fused with the chic modern flow of Mission Ballroom made for an unforgettable evening. In other words, concert goers had a hard-hitting Bass Funk lineup to look forward to. The dancing seemed to never stop with KOAN Sound, Maddy O’Neal, Haywyre, Guggenz, and of course Opiou.

Guggenz, Haywyre and Maddy O’Neal Set the Stage

Opening up for the evening was Minneapolis native Guggenz. Guggenz set the vibe proper with his soulful funk-infused beats and synth. That is to say, his smooth chill-hop inspired style was a great treat for all the early birds settling in for the night ahead. Then the lineup grew progressively funky, with a local favorite Maddy O’Neal bringing a divinely groovy set. 


Haywyre followed Maddy O’Neal with his unique keyboard-infused Bass. At the same time, a classic Haywyre visual took up the screen. Above all, the up-close shot of his hands moving seamlessly up and down the keyboard was absolutely incredible to watch. It’s definitely hard not to be mesmerized by the visual of his talent and dexterity while enjoying his music. Without a doubt, the highlight of Haywyre’s set was his bizarre, upbeat and innovative re-hash of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity”.

KOAN Sound Opens With Impeccable Performance

The high energy of the night was flowing full force when KOAN Sound lit up the stage.  In short, with a sound system as crisp and loud as Mission Ballroom’s, this experience was a ten out of ten. KOAN Sound’s set was so good, it seemed like the headliner would consider this a tough act to follow. Every bass drop moved you, with so many unique break-beats in between. KOAN Sound ventured from Funk, to Drum and Bass, to their own unique glitch beats that are always indescribably moving. KOAN Sound began a rise to fame after their 2018 album Polychrome. If you haven’t already, definitely give a listen to Intervals Above. Intervals Above is their latest EP that was just recently released in September 2019. 

KOAN Sound

Opiuo exceeds expectations

Finally, after being immersed in the full blast Bass experience that was Koan Sound, Opiuo took the stage. As always, Opiuo seamlessly opened up  into what would be a full hour and a half of Bass Funk to rock the whole house. This set included lots of crowd favorites, including for instance “Sneakers.” We were graced by the presence of classics like “Robo Booty” which Opiuo said he doesn’t usually play. In addition, we got spoiled with some rarities like “Quack Fat”. After that, midway through his set, the crowd got to watch the disco ball light up above the middle of the dance floor. The sight was certainly spectacular, with futuristic color and pattern changing LEDs replacing the usual mirrors refracting light.

Opiou then paused in the middle of his set to dedicate a beautiful song to his newborn daughter, Tala.  The LED disco ball put on a show making the experience that much more emotional, impactful and especially beautiful. Opiuo went on to say how having a child has made music even more important to him than ever before. Furthermore, exuberantly stating gratitude for the crowd and encouraging us all to remain inspired to live life to the fullest.

Opiuo has a brand new album out called Syzygy 02. You can find Syzygy 02 on most music streaming apps.  Additionally, you can stream one of his first singles released from Syzygy 02 “System Empire” below.

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KOAN Sound

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