Meduso Ophelia's Electric Soapbox red lights

Heavy bass on a school night? Why the hell not.

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in LoDo played host to a free show headlined by dubstep artist Meduso on Wednesday evening. With a bill of exclusively underground acts, the sound itself was the star of the show. This didn’t prevent Denver bass heads from showing up and showing out.

Wednesday marked the third such gathering at Ophelia’s. After gradually allaying the owner of the one-time brothel’s fears about electronic music fans, Assistant Production Manager Matt Clarkson convinced his boss to give this bass music thing a try.

Hailing from L.A., Meduso (real name Christian Fuda) was their first out-of town headliner. Based on how the night performed, it’s safe to say that countless more will follow.

The Tunes

Producer and DJ Matimbo opened with the rolling hills of a serene melodic downtempo landscape. His fellow local Nid. altered course into dirtier waters brimming with swinging syncopations and murky bass lines as more bodies trickled onto the dance floor.

Speltweird went wonkier and wubbier, seamlessly weaving classic dubstep into glitch-hop and trip-hop. By the time Backleft took over to deliver much of the same, it was standing room only throughout most of the venue.

Meduso arrived onstage just before midnight. His cinematic style of heavy dubstep signaled a departure from the openers’ selections. Chunky bass lines sent visceral shockwaves through the rustic stone walls of the venue as they moved up and down the dynamic range with calculated precision.

More to Come at Ophelia’s

For Clarkson, underground bass music isn’t a flavor-of-the-week cash grab. This is the music he loves, and he insists on doing it right.

First and foremost, that means bringing in extra sound. In conversation with Party Guru Press, Clarkson shared that Struggle Bus Industries lent custom-built subwoofers for the cause. Fitted with Hennessy Sound’s The BattleAxe drivers, each one pushed out 4,000 watts —16,000 in total. Coupled with visuals by local VJ Actualize, the next-level sonics facilitated an immersive experience for all in attendance. Helping Clarkson put these pieces of the puzzle in place was local outfit Bassdrip Productions.

“We’re trying to bring an elevated venue to the Denver scene,” said Clarkson. “We’ve got a full dinner menu if you come in early. It’s not a dark, dingy room. We’ve got a seven-foot screen. We’re really trying to make this for the people.”

Meduso Ophelia's Electric Soapbox blue light

May 3rd marks the next “FREE Wub Wednesday” at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox headlined by L.A. talent bd hbt. More information will be made available on the Ophelia’s website.

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