Band Sublime With Rome playing live onstage

When Sublime With Rome announced their April 27th show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, fans had no idea it would be their last chance to see the group at the historic venue. A series of recent events have made it seem that is indeed the case.

Rome Ramirez recently made a social media post indicating that he’s departing the group after this year. That came on the heels of a 2023 Sublime show without Rome involved. Recent announcements confirm the news, with the updated lineup slated to play Coachella and other festivals this year. Fans who want a shot at catching the existing lineup have a limited time to make it happen. Their April 27th Red Rocks show will also feature hip-hop legends Cypress Hill.

Poster for Sublime With Rome and Cypress Hill concert at Red Rocks on April 27th, 2024

The Show Must Go On… Right?

Fans of Sublime are no stranger to turmoil and heartbreak. The group formed in 1988 in Long Beach, California, and released two albums in the early ’90s. They recently played their debut LP 40 Oz To Freedom at the 2023 Sublime with Rome Red Rocks show. The original lineup had headlined the first Vans Warped Tour and the initial SnoCore Tour in 1996. They had just wrapped up their early year tour and finished production of a self-titled third album, Sublime. Before being unveiled, lead singer and founding member Bradley Nowell left us too soon due to a heroin overdose. The posthumously released record catapulted the band to success. But without Nowell, their days of performing live were through… Or so everyone thought.

Panoramic view from the audience as Sublime With Rome plays at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2023

Over the following decade, Sublime released a group of compilation, tribute, and hits albums highlighting recordings from Nowell’s time with the band. Then, in 2009, surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson brought on Rome Ramirez to resurrect the group. The singer, guitarist, and longtime Sublime fan Ramirez has fronted Sublime With Rome since 2010. They clarified the band’s identity with a new title after legal recourse from Nowell’s estate prevented use of the moniker Sublime.

Drumming Up New Material

After they released their debut album Yours Truly in 2011, Gaugh parted ways from Sublime With Rome. Replacing him was standout drummer Josh Freese of Queens of the Stone Age fame. Freese also drummed on their second album, Sirens, in 2015. Carlos Verdugo played percussion for the group next, including on their third album, Blessings. Joe Tomino (of Dub Trio) currently handles drum duties for the outfit. Wilson has remained a staple of the group, outside of a few shows in 2023 when he was recovering from a tour injury.

Poster for Sublime With Rome album Tangerine Skies

In November of 2023, Sublime With Rome released a four-song EP titled Tangerine Skies, which appears to be the last studio offering we’ll get from them. In December of 2023, a week before Ramirez’s announcement, a familiar-sounding lineup of Gaugh, Wilson, and Nowell performed a set in Los Angeles. At the benefit show for Bad Brains frontman H.R., Bradley’s son Jakob Nowell joined the remaining original members on stage. There, he revealed that Sublime would be reforming, with him picking up where his father left off. With the blessing of the Nowell estate, they’ll resume use of the original moniker as well. As the transition occurs throughout 2024, Jakob will also release music from his solo project, Jakobs Castle. The debut album will drop on April 12th, with the single “Catch Me” out already.

Sound the Sirens, it’s Going Down

With the big news and new music, I expect this Sublime With Rome show to be extra special. Their recent release, “Cool & Collected” with Slightly Stoopid, blends new and old school sounds perfectly. “Battle Scars” off the EP is a ska-punk banger reminiscent of original ’90s Sublime energy. In addition to tracks from Tangerine Skies, fans will hear classics from both eras of the band. Gems from Sublime like “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Wrong Way” will join Rome-era hits like “Panic” and “Sirens.”

Hip-hop group Cypress Hill poses on orange couches, looking very serious

When they choose tour mates, Sublime With Rome has often partnered with big-name hip-hop artists. Previous Red Rocks shows featured GZA of Wu-Tang Clan in 2022 and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in 2023. Keeping that theme rolling for 2024, Cypress Hill will get the crowd warmed up and toasty. No stranger to Denver, they recently headlined the Mission Ballroom at a show with the Colorado Symphony. The group also recently released a 30th Anniversary Edition of their masterpiece record, Black Sunday. I’m hopeful we’ll get a steady stream of classics from the triple platinum-selling album.

Start making your April plans by checking the event page and scoping out tickets here. Tier 1 of general admission has sold out, so get moving and save yourself some cash before Tier 2 tickets are gone! There are also tickets available in rows two through seven if you want a great view of the stage. If you feel like your luck is sublime, you can also enter to win a pair of tickets with the Party Guru giveaway!

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