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Of The Trees’ Thrilling Fox Theatre Take Over

Of The Trees’ Thrilling Fox Theatre Take Over


May 20th, 2019

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This past Thursday, the Party Guru Press team headed to the Fox Theatre right here in good ole’ Boulder, Colorado, to get down to the sounds of the well renowned talent, Of The Trees, for the Road to Sonic Bloom showcase. Tyler Coombs grew up in Portland, Maine but didn’t adopt the alias Of The Trees until about 2011, when his first track hit the SoundCloud website. Over the next seven years Coombs would develop the most unique sound in the experimental bass community. In 2015, Of The Trees caught the bass community’s full attention with the release of “Psymbionic,” featuring the talented vocalist Cristina Soto. The track became an instant hit and eventually became one of Bassnectar’s staple remixes for his dream tempo sets. Then, in 2016, Of The Trees released his first album titled Dream Atlas, featuring the infamous track “Kick Back.” Since then the experimental bass protege has released two EPs and has performed at hundreds of events and venues nationwide.

The Party Guru Press team arrived to the Fox Theatre to be greeted by the openers MADDNETO and Dorfex Bos. Dorfex in particular really got the crowd off their feet with a multitude of Bassnectar remixes. The two bass enthusiast artists, as a collective, got the crowd pumped with deep bass and dubstep breakdowns. Then the venue really got to moving when Coombs hit the stage.

The stage and sound production was simply impeccable. The sound resonated through the speakers and into the crowd. Every individual in the venue could feel the bass on their body, from head to toe. We felt as if we were breathing bass! Though there was a lack of a visual screen, it definitely was not missed during the set. The Fox Theatre provided simplistic lighting that complimented the breathtaking performance of Brianna Hennessey. Hennessy’s stage performance consisted of middle eastern style belly dancing, paired with a darker creative element. She had the Crow mesmerized by the time Of The Trees was ready to hit the stage.

Of The Trees’ set was the perfect rendition of his preferred genre-melding style. Tyler walked onto the stage and got straight to business. The set featured electronic bass, trap, hip hop, classical, and much more. There were appearances from his tracks off his newest EP titled Harvest. The set also featured sounds of the infamous Liquid Stranger, Bassnectar, Space Jesus, and more. Along with the usual bangers, Of The Trees also played some new music for the Fox Theatre crowd. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for new music soon!

Of The Trees as an artist has become an electronic music icon that stands in a league of his own. Not only that, but with co-signers as celebrated as Bassnectar and Liquid Stranger, Coombs has solidified himself as a producer as well. Make sure to check out Of The Trees at the links listed below, and keep an eye out for what is next to come for this gem of an artist. Miss out? Do not fear, Party Guru Press is here to let you know you can catch Of The Trees at Elements Lakewood festival in North East PA, or at the Untz Festival in California. Til’ next time reading headbangers!

Photos by Ash Daniels

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