Of The Trees Brought An Unforgettable Evening To The Ogden Theatre

Tyler Coombs aka Of The Trees is an experimental bass music producer and visual artist hailing from Maine. He has been at the forefront in the underground bass music scene for a while with his incomparable sound with influence from electronic music, heavy bass, hip hop, and downtempo creations.

Since his release of the album “Dream Atlas” in 2016, Of The Trees has been releasing banger after banger. In 2018, he released four-track Harvest EP, and in 2019 a five-track “Tanglewood” EP. Just a few months ago, in October, Of The Trees released a five-track EP The Tale of Elegos.

Of The Trees graced the stage at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado for a two-night run with an audio and visual set on March 10th and 11th. Joining him for support on the first night were Ceiva, Chase Manhattan, Barnacle Boi, and Bricksquash. With support by Digital Vagabond, Eastghost, Freddy Todd, and The Librarian on the second night. Originally this was supposed to be a one-night-only event. The demand grew larger which pushed them all to throw the second night.

As soon as doors opened at 7 pm on March 11th, fans were seen lining up outside the Ogden Theatre waiting for a magical evening. Walking in, you were introduced to the bar and a merch table, which had over 50 fans waiting in line at one point.The Ogden Theatre has a downstairs and upstairs, which both were filling up very quickly before the music started at 8 pm. Of The Trees truly set fans up for a special night with plants covering everywhere on stage and numerous colored lights.

Starting The Night Off

Starting the evening was Digital Vagabond. He hails from Boston, though, currently lives here in Colorado. Digital Vagabond started the vibes high, preparing fans ready for the rest of the lineup. Check out this Colorado local on Soundcloud here and his albums including “The Hand” and “The Tyndall Effect.” These were a few of the tracks thrown out at the show!

Taking the stage next was, Eastghost. He followed the high vibes with ambient tunes. At one point, Eastghost played a track G Jones sent him, which, got the crowd crazy. Listen to Eastghost‘s recent songs such as “Under The Earth“, “GRIEF“, and Having Taken On A New Form here.

Next up was Freddy Todd. He started off with some house vibes, getting the crowd dancing. Then, he continued with beautiful and soothing melodies. In January, Freddy Todd released a nine-track album, “Nineteen Ninety”. Keep up to date with this artist here. Be on the lookout for Freddy Todd this year, he is starting to break waves with his production style. Also, be on the lookout for any future Blapp Band drops.

Canadian producer, The Librarian followed right after. She was the last opener before Of The Trees took the stage. By this time, the venue was packed wall to wall with fans seen to be enjoying each set. The Librarian blew the crowd away with her unique sounds including playing Drum and Bass at some moments. Follow The Librarian‘s Soundcloud here. Hopefully we can see her again in Denver here soon.

Of The Trees

Fans were seen getting closer to the stage to get the perfect view of the stage. Of The Trees started off strong with hypnotic sounds of ambient and mellifluous melodies. He played songs including “Everglade March“, “Windhorse“, and more. The crowd heard their favorite tunes while getting lost in the visuals of trees and nature. At one point, Of The Trees played his unreleased collaboration with former DJ and close friend of his, CharlestheFirst. Custom visuals halted from visual artists such as Glass Crane, Data Byte, and more.

During that time, CharlestheFirst‘s logo of a crown appeared in remembrance of CharlestheFirst. As well, there were various visuals including nature and Of The Trees’ logo. In addition, quotes were seen on the stage, such as: “That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story” by Patrick Rothfuss from The Name of the Wind. This collab got fans in their feels, with some of the crowd seen with tears in their eyes.

Ending the Night

There is no doubt that Of The Trees has a way of moving people through his sound. Each artist brought euphoric tunes that got the fan’s bodies, heart, and soul moving. This two-night event was such a memorable time, that truly will be a part of each fan’s story. We can’t wait to see where Of The Trees is going to continue to flourish and for him to be back in Colorado for Sonic Bloom 2022. Keep up to date with Of The Trees on his socials down below!

Of The Trees can also be found on many upcoming dates in case you missed the Denver shows! Those upcoming dates can be seen on his website below.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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