After four long years, here comes Odesza’s return to Colorado. With a two-year hiatus ending with the release of their newest album, The Last Goodbye, fans were incredibly eager to see what the duo had in store for their performance in Colorado, and it did not disappoint. 

Say My Name
Who is Odesza?

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight make up Odesza, both from Bellingham, Washington. The duo quickly rose to fame with their first couple albums, Summer’s Gone and My Friends Never Die. They became future bass and chillwave pioneers by blending various instruments and sounds to create soulful, dreamy songs. The duo released In Return with their most popular hits, Say My Name and All We Need. After some years spent taking time off, Odesza released A Moment Apart. Which was an incredible comeback with a more modern sound and live vocals! After their last A Moment Apart tour performance, Odesza took another break for three years until 2022. They then released their current album and focused on their tour, The Last Goodbye. And now, Odesza’s return to Colorado is finally here in 2022!

Supporting Acts


This tour’s lineup support was a great fit for the tour. The support did an awesome job showcasing talent on Odesza’s label, Foreign Family. The first opening act of the night was Nasaya. Nasaya is an artist from France who heavily draws influence in his music from his hometown with breezy, easy-going sounds.

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso was the next opener, an electric pop duo made of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn of North Carolina. They had a great performance with Amelia’s unique voice and the funky alternative sounds of Nick and their band. Sylvan Esso brought a little bit of a vibe change, but it was exactly what the crowd needed from an opener for the night.


Elderbrook was the last opening act of the night, also known as Alexander Kotz of London, United Kingdom. Elderbrook’s style is deep with airy beats mixed with many instruments and beautiful vocals. Elderbrook was anticipated by many, and fans got excited to see him as an opener on the lineup! He kept the crowd captivated and dancing. 


After Odesza had announced in 2019 that they would not be returning to many Coloradans favorite venue Red Rocks, for their A Moment Apart tour, fans became devastated. When Odesza’s return to Colorado was announced in 2022 but this time stopping at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, many fans had to settle.

Venue Conflicts

Many believe that Fiddler’s Green had to be the venue of choice because of its high capacity levels but it put a damper on the experience for many. With the huge crowds that Odesza draws in, people were having difficulties doing simple things such as using the restroom or walking to their designated spot across the venue because of how people were crammed. On the GA lawn, many people got upset because they had laid out blankets, and as the venue filled, people would be forced to stand on their items or in their area. Overall, the amazing performance by Odesza made all of the commotion worthwhile, but the venue did not provide an overall pleasant experience.

Odesza’s Performance

At this point, we expect Odesza to put on an incredible show each time they play, but this time hit much differently than before. Especially since Colorado had not seen Odesza since 2018, fans did not know what was coming for them. One of the most impressive things about this performance was that Odesza expanded its range while flawlessly incorporating older fan favorites. Odesza also doubled some of their songs to create a beautiful mix of hits.

New and Old

For example, Odesza doubled a newer song off The Last Goodbye called Love Letter with their remix of Something About You and mixed them perfectly. Odesza also performed older hits like Say My Name, All We Need, and Bloom, making the crowd go insane. And, of course, the infamous Odesza drumline and Odesza horns combined forces to add an extra kick to the sound. Odesza even performed one of the songs from their alter-ego group Bronson called Heart Attack that, quite literally, gave the crowd a heart attack in disbelief at hearing the rarity!

Something New

At one point, the vibe became darker and heavier, with the screen displaying visuals of a red demon dog and Odesza throwing down some deep techno-like beats. Fans in the crowd were going crazy, cheering at this surprise as it transitioned into some future bass sounds. There had been rumors circulating about Odesza’s affiliation with the masked EDM group, Deathpact. They threw the crowd for a loop by playing some similar sounds! Vocalist Naomi Wild even performed an acoustic version of Higher Ground as well! The crowd was speechless at the musical journey that Odesza had brought them through during this set with old and new songs! Colorado has seen a handful of breathtaking performances by Odesza. But this night at Fiddler’s Green had to be one of the best. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to experience it. 


If you’ve seen Odesza before, it’s safe to say that the production plays a huge role in the overall experience. Although Fiddler’s Green didn’t show up positively in some aspects, it was a great venue to provide an incredible production. First off, the sound quality was awesome, and the instruments sounded amazing and full!

Pyro and Lighting

Pyro has always been a big part of Odesza’s production, but this year, they went off! The pyro was moving in different directions and swayed with the movements of the drumline. It was truly a crazy sight to see. Odesza’s lighting setup this year was also breathtaking. With the notorious icosahedron logo at the top of the stage, the lights circled the outside of the stage and created an awesome illusion. Fiddler’s Green also allowed fireworks this year which was awesome. Overall, Odesza’s production this year in Colorado at Fiddler’s Green came to be one for the books.

Overall Experience

Despite Fiddler’s Green’s inconveniences, Odesza’s return to Colorado this year was one of those concert experiences that stay burning vividly in one’s mind for a long, long time. The emotions felt collectively by the crowd during the show were indescribable and left everyone wanting more. This is what it’s all about! Colorado fans couldn’t be more grateful for the memories that Odesza’s performance has left them with. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Odesza!

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