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NOFX is on their final tour as a band, and on July 20th and 21st, they will play their last shows in Denver with a weekend they call Punk In Drublic.

Named after one of their most popular albums, the weekend at the National Western Center Yards promises 40 songs to celebrate 40 years as part of a farewell tour that will take them to 40 cities. After that, the lineup consisting of Fat Mike, Erik Melvin, Erik Sandin, and El Jefe will go their separate ways and leave NOFX in the history books of punk rock.

It isn’t always easy for a punk to admit they are getting old, and yet with this one last tour, NOFX is doing it on their terms in the places that mattered the most to them over the long lifetime of their project. From the Warped Tour, which is where I first saw them as a college student at New Mexico State University, all the way now to helping create a punk rock Museum in Las Vegas, NOFX have been an original and honest representation of punk rock and where it has gone ever since they assembled in 1983.

Their concerts are always full of life and energy as their live renditions of songs are an experience you must see and hear to believe. What matters most is that this band is a combination of great musicians who want to spread joy with their music while still staying true to the punk rock they fell in love with.

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Punk rock has become a cultural phenomenon ever since groups like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones helped popularize it. It lives and breathes with or without the people who helped start it. It seems a momentous shift in current punk to know that NOFX will not be there anymore. After all these years and changes, they have always been a band that would tour, sell out, and enjoy every minute. Knowing they will not be around anymore seems enough reason to attend the two-night stay in Denver, as they will bring a punk rock festival experience one more time, introducing it to new punks the way it was introduced to me.

Tickets for both days of the two-day festival are now $149 after fees through or AXS. One-day tickets are currently $88, but you may want to consider getting a VIP pass for free samples of the many different Breweries taking part in this punk and beer festival.

NOFX contributed to the soundtrack of so many summers spent listening to music live with friends. Although this is the end, I am happy to know Denver will be a part of it. On July 20th and 21st, NOFX will play in Denver one last time as part of their 40 years, 40 cities, 40 songs tour. It’s moment in punk rock history you don’t want to miss. See you at the show.

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