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No Rails Left Unbroken in Denver

No Rails Left Unbroken in Denver


August 19th, 2019

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Rail breakers descended into Ogden Theatre in Denver, for Riot Ten’s first stop on the “Hype or Die Tour” on August 16th. The hard hitting, “headbustin’,” “no surrendering” dubstep DJ debuted his tour in the “Bass Capital” with several other DJs, including special guest Crizzly.

Special guest Crizzly opening for Riot Ten at the Ogden Theatre

Headbangers ages 16 and up patiently waited alongside Colfax Avenue for the doors to open at 8 p.m. When the music started, they were greeted with the sounds of the first act of the night, Jessica Audiffred. With songs including “Like What the F,” “Wasted,” and “Let’s Get It,” she started the night off with a bang! It is no surprise to see why the Mexico City DJ is becoming one of the hottest breakthrough artists in the bass music scene.

Once Jessica Audiffred was done “steppin,” the next artists took to the stage to continue teasing the crowd. Codd Dubz and Mark the Beast shared the decks and performed a back to back set that was sure to have left some brains scrambled! The two threw down a mind boggling set, which was highlighted by their single together “Problem,” which features Born I Music.

Codd Dubz B2B Mark the Beast opening for Riot Ten at the Ogden Theatre

Following their performance was another back-to-back consisting of Yakz and Somnium Sound. Both artists complimented each other with relentless beats that sent the crowd into a frenzy. The duo also performed some of their new music for the anxious crowd and was met with a thunderous roar. As their set was ending, you could feel the electricity continuously grow throughout the crowd as the time for Riot Ten’s performance was approaching.

Crizzly was the special guest for the evening and he obliterated the crowd with every drop that was unleashed on the crowd! He only allowed a few moments of rest between songs to let the crowd catch their breath, or sing along, before wreaking havoc on their brains. Crizzly brought Jessica Audiffred back on the stage to perform their newest song together. He was a sure show-stopper, and complimented perfectly with his fellow Texan who was next to play!

It was finally time for the main event of the evening! Chris Wilson, also known as Riot Ten, took to the stage and started his set with “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, which transitioned it into a nasty drop that sent shock waves to the farthest reaches of the venue. It was obvious that the non-stop, heart pumping, bass infused set was one that the crowd would not soon forget! Riot Ten truly delivered and ensured that he was a DJ you would not want to miss the next time he stopped in your city. The only thing that could top such a magical night in the “Bass Capital” would be a super back to back to back! All of the DJs took to the stage and put an exclamation mark on the night for the last 30 minutes of the show!  

Riot Ten at the Ogden Theatre

Photos by Mark Munson

As the clock struck 1:45 a.m. the first stop on Riot Ten’s “Hype or Die Tour” was over, and crowd was left seeking some medicine, a doctor and a neck brace for the weeks to come! The next stops on the tour are definitely not ready for what is about to be unleashed!

Riot Ten: Soundcloud, Facebook

Crizzly: Soundcloud, Facebook

Somnium Sound: Soundcloud, Facebook

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