This weekend at ReelWorks, budding collective, Nite Rinse, made way for their 3-year anniversary celebration. Several talented artists made the lineup for the evening including Denver Locals such as Josh Fedz, CJ, and Housewife. Additionally, two more artists came to Denver for the celebration. Westend, a Beatport top 10 artist, and Lee Foss, head of the Repopulate Mars record label, headlining for the evening. House Music played all throughout the night as artists seamlessly transitioned from one performance to another. Nite Rinse certainly wanted to leave an impression with fans in attendance tonight. The performers picked for the evening flowed well together.

The new venue was fitting for such a big Nite Rinse milestone. Thanks to the bar lining the walls with enough tenders to keep up with drink orders, Lines were never an issue for people wanting to grab a quick drink or bottled water. The VIP section was right next to the stage. Though there’s plenty of space to sit on couches and chairs, most of the VIPers were standing railside. They still had a place to go when servers arrived with their bottle service. There’s also a second-story seating area complete with its own bar. All for those who prefer to avoid the busy dance floor.

Photos By: Kyle Brim

Nite Rinse has a mission to bring unique experiences to the underground by intersecting art, music, and curation. This new venue is sure to be a great place to do that. Especially if they continue to partner with other companies like they did this night with 128-Productions. With so much more room this venue invites the opportunity for much more people. And with that comes more opportunity for creative expression in the community. Head over to ReelWorks in Denver to see for yourself. The Nite Rinse team is doing big things.

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