Excision dropped us deep into the galactic unknown with his “The Evolution” stage show. The word “captivating” doesn’t begin to describe the night. With a stacked lineup, every artist headshotted the attendees with round after round of heavy bass to the face.

Night one featured many of the artists on the bill showcasing new tracks set to come out in the coming weeks. “The Evolution” is an impressive set of visuals you won’t want to miss. Excision (real name Jeff Abel) will perform this show through his tour this year.

Bass Bass Baby

You can’t have an Excision set without the proper bass buildup. From the moment the doors first opened, attendees were itching to stand in the bass they could already hear from outside.

RZRKT from Texas wasted no time getting the crowd warmed up with his set, blending back and forth between heavy-hitting and vibey sounds. One of the first few songs he played was a new one — no title given — that will come out on Wednesday, February 15th.

LOUIEJAYXX, a brother duo named Luis and Jerry Carrillo, jumped straight in with some teeth-chattering bass. They held firm in their control over the crowd like conductors, ramping us up just to chill things back out. Then, in came LAYZ with her cool, colorful visuals and bass beating down. She gave us a sneak peak of a couple of her new songs as well, firing off some unexpected shots with unique bass lines. At the end of her set she announced an upcoming set at Larimer Lounge on April 20th.

The stage was dark, and a spotlight came on over Jessica Audiffred as she switched up the mood into a tropical get down. She pulled out all the stops with a Sullivan King collab, following it up with some riddim beats and a new song. Then, SPAG HEDDY took to the decks, also dropping a couple new tracks. The live previews hit hard and heavy, getting us ready for the back to back trio who would take the stage next.

CALCIUM B2B KOMPANY B2B Dion Timmer was the final set before Abel made his appearance. The three went back and forth, tag teaming the crowd with hard-hitting bass. They hit us with highs and the lows, getting us ready for the act we’d all been waiting for.

Evolution of Bass

While the bass was heavy throughout the night, Excision’s “The Evolution” is a show designed to take you to another world. Complete with lasers and pyrotechnics, everything was working in tandem for a surreal experience. We start out in a space ship, fight Vader with laser sabers, and are transported to the bass realm. A special, prehistoric guest even made an appearance at the rail, building our excitement for Abel’s Lost Lands Festival in the fall.

Abel is currently taking “The Evolution” on the road, and it is a visual experience you don’t want to miss. No videos or pictures do it proper justice, with a buildup to make it a night to remember. Abel is set to end the year with Lost Lands, and it’s anticipated to go out with quite the bang.

Photos by Mike Rampi

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