Frequency Sound Series at Beacon features local and non-local artists. Starting with non-local for the night, we have MAHD b2b VANAKEN. MAHD comes to Denver all the way from Detroit, bringing his own taste of bass. VANAKEN is an American DJ delivering tech house to the masses. Local DJs of the night were Mellow Ev, Mxndful b2b DJ Deep End with their jungle drums and bass combo. DJ Keyta brought his blend of techno to keep that blood pumping. Mellow Ev rounded out the vibes with his drums and bass.

Set the Right Tone

The night started with DJ Deep End b2b Mxndful locking the crowd down in their jungle, kicking the house party off to a strong start. From the moment you walk in, people bump up and down, flowing to the dance floor as if under a spell. DJ Keyta took to the decks and led the crowd deeper into the jungle party. The crowd began to fill in enough to give everyone their own dancing bubble. His set featured throwback remixes and an upbeat tempo; the crowd failed to lose momentum.

The bar offers a tranquil space away from the dancefloor. Creativity and collaboration are present from the Mindhive inside and the garden oasis outside.

Up next, Vanaken b2b MAHD! delivered a bass set that held the party’s core, blending gentle tones to refresh those dancing shoes. Without missing a beat, two partygoers teamed up to treat the crowd to some special hooping at the back of the floor. A stunning display of lights from them and the cloud above kept the eyes moving around. Closing out the night with Mellow Ev, those who stayed were treated to an intimate set of drums and bass.

The start of the Frequency Sound Series leaves the imagination running with how future sets may feel, and with the first year anniversary closing in they fail to disappoint. Anyone who has been to the immersive dance bar says the same thing, no two nights are ever the same. The series starts off strong and keeps true to its slogan. The frequency changed throughout the night, and the vibe never died.

Photos by Daren Lee

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