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On June 30th, Nas merges his authentic Brooklyn hip-hop sound with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Something unexpected often happens when hip-hop artists come to Colorado. Not satisfied with playing the greatest hits for giant crowds, they find themselves in an environment encouraging them to try something new and different.

For Nas, it’s a chance to build upon stories he’s crafted with wordplay that has changed the world. A part of hip-hop for over four decades, the Brooklyn lyricist has seen everything, said everything, and done everything. Now, he’s ready to team up with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

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The Orchestra has a record of combining the sounds of classical instruments with the words of hip-hop prophets, as they’ve already worked alongside Cypress Hill and the entire Wu-Tang Clan. This time, they will join an artist who has adapted with every era.

Nas’ first album, Illmatic, is still considered one of the best hip-hop albums of all time, and his second album, It Was Written, included his classic “If I Ruled the World,” made with an equally great artist, Lauryn Hill.

He rode that momentum into a much-hyped and publicized rap beef with Jay Z that ended up with the two artists working together at Def Jam Records. From there, Nas even found time to make an entire album with Damian Marley, son of the late Bob Marley, with great tracks like “As We Enter” and my favorite, “Patience.”

Not just satisfied with music, Nas co-starred alongside another East Coast hip hop legend, the late DMX, for the Hype Williams movie “Belly.” It featured possibly the best opening scene in cinema history.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Nas has spent his entire life walking the line between intellectual hip-hop and street rap. With this upcoming performance, he will be able to weave in classical as well. Playing alongside the Colorado Symphony Orchestra makes perfect sense since Denver always sets itself apart as a place where artists can try something new. The fact that it’s at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre makes it something extra special and worthy of the summer ahead.

Opening for Nas is Houston Rapper Tobe Nwigwe, and tickets are on sale now, starting at $102 each for General Admission. It’s that time again in Colorado. The weather is slowly getting warmer, outdoor venues are opening up, and out-of-state artists are ready to try something new and different.

On June 30th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Brooklyn hip-hop legend Nas will play alongside the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for another night of something new forged from two distinct and authentic sounds. Please go and enjoy something you can only hear in Colorado.

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