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Mystic Grizzly and Friends Manifest Greatness to Cervantes’

Mystic Grizzly and Friends Manifest Greatness to Cervantes’

Patrik Essy

January 11th, 2020

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Manifesting any sort of energy towards yourself or others is something that some really enjoy seeking out, Mystic Grizzly just brings it. Last Wednesday, January 8, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom hosted another week of RE:SEARCH Wednesdays. Also put on by EC Presents, they bring loved artists to the Mile High City, such as the Lost Dogz, Toadface and, of course, Mystic Grizzly. They draw in a huge crowd every week with this small trick: if you text RESEARCH to 91944, you’ll get a discounted entry. Not only are tickets discounted if you text that number, but also the production is great and there’s room for all. Want to shuffle or do some flow art? Step towards the spacious back. Want to be arms-reach away from the artist? Then get up against the stage; this venue has the perfect spot for all concert goers!

The Night Begins

Local cellist, vocalist, and producer, Jordan Polovina, begins every night at RE:SEARCH Wednesdays. The factor of live cello and vocals is truly unique. Playing over an hour set, this returning artist felt the crowd to play exactly what they wanted to hear. Singing, beatboxing and rapping were a few more of his talents. While doing all of that, bouncing back and forth with the cello in hand was also happening. Lost Dogz, the b2b duo created by VIDE and UNTITLD, were second to the stage after Jordan. The crowd was drawn to the artists as their stage energy continued to increase. Playing old tunes and also some unreleased, they really got the crowd ready for Toadface. Now this is an artist that is hard to miss. Being one of the members of Trifinity, and releasing a ton of tunes with Liquid Strangers label Wakaan, his beats are nasty. Seriously, his experimental mentality shows in his tunes. Sampling sounds from swamps and bugs, this set was everywhere, which the crowd absolutely loved. All these artists, being the Experimental Bass creators they are, made for perfect openers leading up to the night’s headliner.

Mystic Grizzly

Reading from an Instagram post from the artist earlier that night, Mystic Grizzly said “Excited to test out some of this new downtempo”. Also teasing the fans with some new art by John Speaker, Mystic Grizzly put on a show like none other. Going from slowed-down versions of songs to things we have never heard before, this set was unique in its own. Keeping the lights very soft and the lasers slow, production was hand in hand with the music. If you’re curious to hear more about Mystic Grizzly and where you can see him next, check out the link below. This downtempo he’ll be testing out for the next month or so of shows is not to be missed.

Photos By Patrik Essy

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