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Mr. Carmack Brings Vibes With His Band, Bass and Solo Set – Photo Gallery

Mr. Carmack Brings Vibes With His Band, Bass and Solo Set – Photo Gallery


December 10th, 2019

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Is there a better place to host a very special and intimate show than the Bluebird Theater? This past weekend, Mr. Carmack brought his live band to the Bluebird Theater to open for his solo DJ set. Mr. Carmack is one of the most talented artists out there and it was extremely special to see his art expressed over almost four hours. As evidenced through the photos below, he was having as good of a time as everyone else in the crowd.

Mr. Carmack Live was an easy listening group, making the Bluebird feel like the most intimate Soul and Jazz bar. Mr. Carmack played on keys center stage but would often conduct the rest of the group. That big smile of his was most prevalent during this set as he watched the magic unfold between the band. He would even walk around the stage getting close to each artist and vibing with them as they carried on with the Mr. Carmack-chill sounds.

After the band brought the feels, it was time for dancing. Mr. Carmack has mastered the fusion of Hip-Hop and dance music and his DJ set was none other than a popping dance party. The crowd was loud, and the sound was profound. Even some big names were showing their support in the crowd including Of the Trees and Adam Deitch from Lettuce and Break Science. What a lucky place to live as Denver was graced with not only one, but two sets of the living legend’s music.

Photos By Julien Deroeux

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