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Mr. Bill Gates Origin Story

Mr. Bill Gates Origin Story


December 26th, 2019

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You’ve been jammin’ their tunes as individual artists for more than a decade, you’ve seen each of them on tour, and now they have joined forces, Mr.Bill and Ill.Gates have come together to form the dynamite duo Mr. Bill Gates. The pair returned to the Mile High City and threw down in the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom this past December 18, 2019. The Party Guru Press team got the chance to sit down and get personal with each contributing frontman.

Mr. Bill Gates

Ill. Gates

The Toronto native under the infamous moniker Ill. Gates has earned quite the reputation as an established educator, composer, and performer. Over the years Ill. Gates has developed a unique sound that has paved the way for the modern generation of Electronic music artists just coming into the scene. The Canadian composer caught the eye of the infamous Bassnectar a decade ago. Since then Ill. Gates has released a collection of albums including Ill.Methodology, More Tea, Terminally ILL, and Departures. In addition to his archive of solo tracks, Ill. Gates has an uncanny amount of collaborations under his belt including collaborations with Opiuo, Bassnectar, and Mimosa. The Electronic music legend has made his way around the globe performing in notorious festivals such as Electric Forest, Burning Man, Shambala, and Deja Voom.

After years of touring, collaborating, and educating, the Canadian composer turned his sights to the more domestic part of life. After years of just thinking about it, Ill. Gates and his beautiful life partner, Nunich, decided to start a family. The ecstatic new dad is still currently touring around the United States. These days, the self proclaimed party animal is bringing the life to the party while remaining sober. Ill. Gates has shed a few pounds due to his new lifestyle choices, and seems to have turned a new leaf in life.

Mr. Bill

Australian “Abletoneer” Mr. Bill is among the most innovative and unique minds in the Electronic music industry. The young prodigy found his love for music in an array of Heavy Metal. In his late teens, Mr. Bill turned his ear to Electronic music. Eventually, the Australian talent began attending Sydney’s SAE Institute for audio engineering. Over time Mr. Bill began to develop a distinctive experimental sound incomparable to others in the Electronic community. It didn’t take the prolific producer long to refine his sound into what it is today. These days Mr. Bill’s sound consists of a concoction of sub-genres in Bass music including Drum ‘n’ Bass, Glitch-Hop, Trance, and good ol’ Dubstep.

Back in 2008 Mr. Bill released his first album titled, Cell Abrasions. The album revealed Mr. Bill’s aptitude for a complex genre-melding sound. In 2012 Mr. Bill teamed up with the notorious Freddy Todd and released an EP dubbed Gourmet Everything. Then in 2014 Mr. Bill released his album Settling for Mediocrity. Over the last four trips around the sun the production genius has released another two albums, an array of singles, and compilations. Just this past December Mr. Bill released his compilation of demo tracks titled Billegal Sounds.

When Mr. Bill isn’t online releasing new music or throwing down on a stage he is educating fresh minds entering the world of production. The music mastermind provides a “Hardcore Abletoneer” subscription on his website. The subscription includes exclusive tutorials, Ableton Live project files, exclusive music, and production footage. The package goes for about 120 bucks a year.

Our Interview

Party Guru Press: “First off, I would like to take the time to thank you both for sitting down and chatting with me on behalf of the Party Guru Press team.”

Ill. Gates: “Thanks for giving a s***!”

Ill. Gates

Becoming a Dad

Party Guru Press: “Congrats to you on your beautiful baby girl! We are curious how touring has been since you have become a father?”

Ill. Gates: “Thank you! It’s definitely a little bit of a different dynamic. The transition going from weekends, partying, staying up late, and going to the airport mode, to I’ve got to get up early and be a dad can be pretty harsh. In a lot of ways being a DJ prepared me for being a dad. It’s really all about sleep deprivation and falling in love with strangers. I remember when I first held my daughter and got a big whiff of these baby pheromones, I could feel all these switches being hit biologically. I am a lot better at operating with a limited amount of sleep now.” 

“We had planned out having a baby. We really wanted to make sure we were really ready. I wanted to make sure I was doing my best so I took time off of all drugs and alcohol. I didn’t want my wife to be the only sober one while she was going through the pregnancy, so I stayed sober and in solidarity with her in that. It’s made DJing so much easier now that I’m not hung over all the time. I’ll be traveling and someone will say, come on it’s my birthday lets do shots! I’m just like, oh mother f****r it’s Thursday. I feel a much greater sense of purpose. It has also made me take my career more seriously.”

Missing Pieces?

Party Guru Press: “You have been in the music scene for an impressive amount of time, be honest, is there anything you feel is missing from your career?”

Ill. Gates: “The entire time I feel like I’m just trying to enjoy myself. I just try to make music that comes out naturally. I haven’t been using my time and my art as a means to an end. So now that I’ve been there for so long and I look back on it, I think that if I were treating my music and my time as a means to an end, I could be further along.”

“It’s easy to go on Instagram and compare yourself to other people and think about it as a big rat race. That kind of thinking does become more tempting as you get older. At the same time, when I look back at the decisions that I have made, the friends I have made along the way, and the music that I have made there isn’t anything that stands out as a regret. I regret nothing.”

North vs South

Party Guru Press: “How is the music scene in your hometown in Canada versus when you are in the States?”

Ill. Gates: “Toronto is really where I grew up musically. When I was in high school I grew up in a small city and it had a very small music scene despite the fact the city had a million people.”

Culture Shock

Party Guru Press: “Were you overwhelmed when you came to the US?”

Ill. Gates: “Yeah, when I first came out I came down here as a VJ. In 2006 Lorin began playing my records for his shows. He looked me up after playing my records and we ended up getting along really well. We would hang out when he would come to Toronto and he would say, I’ve gotta introduce you into the festival scene. He was like, ‘I can’t have you open because we have too many collabs. I need people that are different, I don’t want you to steal my thunder. But I’ll bring you on as a VJ and you can come on tour with me.’ He introduced me to the festival subculture. He showed me the Burning Man scene.

“I think where the culture shock came in was the, like the east versus west thing more so than Canada versus America. I definitely was pretty amazed by it, I kind of became this California transplant. The scene for experimental Bass music was based in California and Colorado. I’m so happy now to see it everywhere.” 

“Going from a smaller scene where people are competing so bitterly over the smallest steaks. I thought I was going to be duking it out with local DJs for hundred-dollar time slots and drink tickets for the rest of my life. I thought that was just what it was. Coming into such a welcoming scene, I think I was more overwhelmed by the welcoming attitude of the people.”

Mr. Bill

Party Guru Press: “What drew you into music?”

Mr Bill: “My mom worked at a cassette plant and she would always bring cassettes home. I would play and fight with my brother in the front lawn while listening to those cassettes.” 

Party Guru Press: “Anything in particular stick out to you back then?”

Mr. Bill: “No artists particularly, but it was mostly like hard style, like happy hard core and s*** like that.”

Moving to America

Party Guru Press: “Moving from Australia to Denver, Colorado is a pretty big jump! What led you to decide to move to Colorado out of all the 50 states?”

Mr. Bill: “Honestly, I just think it has a better music scene than most places in America. Or it just has a more relevant music scene for the type of music that I am doing.”

Party Guru Press: “So you’ve called yourself a studio hermit more than once in the past, tell us about your day-to-day life at the studio. Do you have any daily studio rituals?”

Mr. Bill: “I don’t really have a ritual because I am traveling a lot from show to show. So it’s really hard to get stuck in a routine. It is hard to go in sometimes but sometimes I just choose not to go in.” 

Unusual Origins

Party Guru Press: “Let’s make a shift to you both as a collective. What made you two decide to work together in the first place?”

Mr. Bill Gates: (Ill. Gates) “This is a good story! Bill and I have been friends for a while and I was a big fan of his music. When you get into the inner circle of Ableton educator people, it gets really small. So I have known about Bill pretty much since the beginning of his career. He came to one of my workshops at the SAE in Australia way back when.”

“He was asking me all kinds of heavy questions and pointed out all the mistakes I had made. It was pretty awesome. So we have known each other for quite a while. We had done some collabs and they were really fun. Really when the whole Mr. Bill Gates thing was born, we got booked for Camp Bisco. The promoters at Camp Bisco, they love it when people do special back-to-back sets and different things. So they were like, hey you guys are friends, do you want to do a back-to-back? We said yeah f*** it, sure! Then they just went ahead and made a flyer with Mr. Bill Gates on it. Then suddenly all these other promoters started booking it and all these fans started getting really excited. Now we are in a band that neither of us started or named.”

Party Guru Press: “That is wild! Were you two happy with the name?” 

Mr. Bill Gates: “F*** yeah! It’s great, it’s honestly perfect and we feel it was begging to happen.” 

Party Guru Press: “Was it difficult to work with one another at first?” 

Mr. Bill Gates: (Mr.Bill) “No not really.” (Ill. Gates) “We kind of just fell right into a groove.”

Yin and Yang

Party Guru Press: “You two seem to have pretty opposing dynamics, but you obviously work well together.” 

Mr. Bill Gates: “When you do a collaboration with someone it’s better when you are different. Because then you kind of yin yang it up and fill in the gaps. Where as if they are too similar they end up butting heads.” 

Party Guru Press: “Do you two ever butt heads? Do you guys ever have creative differences?”

Mr. Bill Gates: (Mr. Bill) “No, not really.” (Ill. Gates) “We have creative differences here and there but you know, no one’s crying.” 

Party Guru Press: “You two are always traveling, bringing life to the party. Would you call yourselves Party Gurus?” 

Mr. Bill Gates: (Mr.Bill) “No, not really.” *chuckles* “I wouldn’t consider myself a party person at all.” (Ill.Gates) “I like to party. I will take the title! Call me the party guru.” 

A Message For the Fans

Party Guru Press: “Anything you would like to say to your fans out there as a collective?”

Mr. Bill Gates: “There is a lot on the horizon, but the main thing we want to say to our fans is thank you! Seriously and sincerely from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting what we do. Without your enthusiasm, music downloads, and buying tickets, we wouldn’t have this life. We wouldn’t be living this dream of supporting ourselves with music and traveling around. Thank you.” 

The dynamic duo took over the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom alongside Levitation Jones and Bogtrotter. The entire venue was packed to the brim with Colorado native head bangers. The duo’s set consisted of an eclectic mixture of experimental Deep Bass, Dubstep, and Glitch-Hop. Are you bummed because you missed out on the event? Have no fear, Party Guru Press is here to give you the 411 on whats up next for Mr. Bill Gates. The pair is headed to Philadelphia, PA on January 11, 2020. Make sure to grab tickets fast, this one is sure to sell out. Til’ next time head bangin’ readers.

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