A crowd of people dancing in the crowd under the reflective stage lights as Mport performs on stage.

Rarely does a local artist succeed in captivating the entire local scene, winning the hearts and ears of both industry insiders and devoted fans. Yet, Marc Mount, better known as Mport, achieved precisely that feat at the Bluebird Theater this past weekend.  

Throughout the week, the Denver social media ecosystem buzzed with excitement as anticipation mounted for Mport’s headlining performance in Denver. Fellow artists like Brondo, So Down, and Hostage Situation lent their vocal support through videos as the event drew nearer. Meanwhile, local bass heads organized meetups and giveaways, eagerly anticipating the bass-driven adventure that awaited them. 

The intimacy of the Bluebird Theater enveloped the audience on Friday night, as low end lovers filled both the main viewing area and the balcony from the moment the doors opened. Attendees eagerly sought out prime spots in front of the custom Hennessy sound system, known for its exceptional quality.

The audio setup delivered an impressive experience, with crystal-clear mid and high frequencies resonating throughout the venue. Bass reverberated through the floorboards, sending vibrations pulsing through our legs. 

 As the crowd swelled, the openers — Skinny Limbs, Two Percent, and Nyquist — delivered a journey through various styles of bass music. Together, they set the stage for the highly anticipated headlining set scheduled to start shortly before midnight. 

The meticulous attention given to detail in this event cannot be overstated. Between the carefully selected speaker system that perfectly complemented the music to the visuals, brand-new Mport VIPs, and lighting rig that prominently displayed the Mport logo behind the DJ booth, organizers thoughtfully considered every aspect.

The level of dedication, intricacy, and precision in the planning and execution of this show truly set it apart from other local headliners. It was evident that every effort had been made to ensure a flawless performance for the hometown artist, with every labor carefully executed and visible to all who attended. 

As the main stage plunged into darkness, anticipation mounted as the night’s headliner stepped into the spotlight. A video began to play, transporting us to a park in Denver, where Mport embarked on a quest in search of a mysterious bird. Despite his earnest calls, from black crows to red robins, the elusive bird remained out of reach. Undeterred, the search continued through the park, into the suburbs, and even past a 7/11 until finally, the Bluebird Theater emerged, proudly bearing the name “Mport.”  

The hunt concluded, signaling the start of what promised to be an unforgettable performance. This video style perfectly encapsulated Mport’s brand identity, as nearly every show or song announcement is accompanied by a whimsical social media video, effectively conveying the message to viewers. Curious about this approach, I had the opportunity to ask Marc about what draws him to this style. 

He revealed that he has a long history of creating humorous home videos, dating back to his childhood. Marc has always enjoyed acting out skits and recalls being particularly inspired by Dillon Francis’s Snapchat antics, which sparked his interest in incorporating similar comedic elements into his content.  

Transitioning from the introductory video to the pulsating bass and melodious tunes, the atmosphere transformed. It captivated the audience and set the stage for an electrifying experience following what would surely go down in memory as one of the most captivating set intros I have ever witnessed.  

Cycling through his extensive discography, Mport wasted no time immersing us in a whirlwind of high-intensity tunes. Tension mounted with each track, punctuated by playful call lines such as “I like turtles” and “Deepa” sprinkled throughout the set, teasing some of his biggest tracks yet to come. As the energy escalated, Mport delved into his repertoire of popular hits. 

With each meme-inspired sample woven into the music, the crowd erupted into a frenzy, amplifying the energy of the performance to new heights. From Tim Robinson to the Kill Tony podcast, Beavis and Butthead to the Potter Puppet Pals, each snippet ignited the crowd, unleashing a frenzy of excitement as they enthusiastically chimed in with the spirited vocal cuts. 

As lasers sliced through the fog above the tightly packed crowd, thunderous cheers erupted with each new visual element, accompanied by a top-of-the-line lighting rig that danced in sync with the tunes. The lighting seamlessly complemented the flurry of collaborations showcased throughout the set. From contributions by Hostage Situation, Brondo, PAWSTHEMUSIC, and Trip Drop to inventive flips of “Tear Jerker,” “Ecstasy of the Soul,” and “Counting,” the array of musical creations seemed boundless.  

As the set drew to a close, the tempo steadily climbed, treating us to an exhilarating onslaught of drum and bass tunes. As these tracks, which had subtly teased us amid the earlier basslines, finally claimed the spotlight with VIPs of “The Jiggler” and “Deeper,” the thrilled crowd roared with joy.  

Bringing the night towards its conclusion, an unexpected VIP of “Level 9,” delivered a mind-blowing “Level 10 Bluebird VIP” drop that sent waves of excitement through the electrified audience. My absolute favorite moment was a new track coming out called “So Likable.” It triggered an eruption from the crowd as it laid its initial imprint on listeners.

Marc expressed to me that in terms of his branding, he aims for people to fully immerse themselves in the sonic experience he delivers at each show — to truly “Mport” themselves into the moment. He envisions his art as a journey, akin to how a film can transport you to different worlds. His focus lies on evoking feelings of fun, creativity, and a profound connection with music. He hopes that the emotions he poured into creating each song or video will resonate with his audience as they experience it.  

His dream of crafting music that grooves, packs a punch on a sound system, and evokes genuine emotion came to fruition at this headlining event. The aspirations we discussed in our conversations directly reflected in the product presented on the Bluebird Theater stage. It’s evident that this show is just one step in the journey towards establishing Mport’s musical footprint. 

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