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Moontricks: A Boot-Stompin’, Grassroots Duo Has A New Tune

Moontricks: A Boot-Stompin’, Grassroots Duo Has A New Tune

Thomas Adams

February 16th, 2021

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We recently had the chance to hear from Sean Rodman and Nathan Gurley of Moontricks! A duo that provides “grassroots blues, wistful soul, and boot-stomping bass” through a combination of folk, blues, and electronic music. Their inspiration comes from their location in British Columbia, Canada.

“Not only is it beautiful here, but both electronic music and folk music are quite popular. When your life flip-flops between dancing to heavy bass and jammin’ harmonica around a campfire, the marriage only seems natural.” Nate tells us. Since their debut in 2013, the pair have performed at shows such as Lightning in a Bottle and Shambala and are only getting started.

The Journey So Far

“Ideally a good song is going to reach someone carrying some emotion and meaning for them to relate.” Sean said. Every artist from all genres tries to convey emotion or meaning in all of their works, but from a different viewpoint. The folk-electronic fusion that Moontricks provides leads many to feel from the duo’s point of view. “It’s all a bit hit or miss and varies song-to-song and person-to-person, but we try to write songs that will leave that door open for anyone.” Sean says.

The pandemic has provided the duo with many ideas for songwriting. Drawing from the ups and downs of these crazy times, Rodman and Gurney have had no shortage of topics about which to write. Sean said, “I think difficult times are inspiring places to draw from. If i’m in a rut for writing, I’ll get out into the world and take it all in.”

Rodman finds ideas from walking in the forest or around town or going on a road trip. “There’s amazing material everywhere that you can experience and translate into music.” If you are a budding songwriter reading this: Get out there, experience life, and write it down!

The duo has many influences, but draw much of their work from friends and acts with whom they have worked such as Frase, Dirtwire, and Gone Gone Beyond. “Having toured long circuits with such talented acts, we really get to take in their music and who they are. It creates a [sense] of strong inspiration, influence, and friendship,” Sean said. “We’re very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people in this industry and call them friends.”

Anyone that listens to Moontricks knows that the banjo cuts through and gives the duo a signature sound. It used to be an obscure instrument, but now many consider it more mainstream, making its way back as a widely-accepted instrument from a long history of jokes, twang, and hillbilly nature. Sean said, “Both Nate and I have a soft spot for folk music, so incorporating banjo into the music felt like a bold move. I started playing banjo while I was working in a music store called Mountain Fruit Folklore.” Nate laughed and went on to add, “I remember the first time we tried bringing banjo to an electronic music show. We were worried people might start throwing beer bottles at us.” The rest as they say, is history. The pair found a sound all their own that has brought them big success.

New and Upcoming

Moontricks has a fresh new release. The Nirvana-like style features acoustic guitar, standup bass, and harmonica with an electronic flair. “We recorded the beginnings of this song in 2016 in a power outage by candlelight and battery-powered recording equipment. That made it pretty easy to capture the dark, moody magic in this track,” Sean said. The track features Canadian artist/vocalist Frase, from Montreal. The track also features Fawna on backup vocals. “Being a Nirvana fan in my youth, when Frase first played the cover on guitar, I was drawn to it,” Nate said. “I hope that we embodied even just a little of what acoustic Nirvana is all about.”

Additionally, Moontricks has a lot of their music used in film and television. When watching an outdoor advertisement like snowboarding or mountain biking, you may have heard some of their tracks. “It’s extremely inspiring seeing people do outstanding feats while our music is playing in the background,” Nate said. “It’s nice to see that music written in the mountains can be used for the mountains!” Next time a ski or snowboard advertisement comes on TV, turn it up to see if it features some new work by Moontricks.

Photos Provided by Moontricks


As we all know by now, quarantine has not been kind to artists. The pandemic has had somewhat of a silver lining for Sean and Nate as it has given them a lot of time to write, record, and hone their musical talents. “We’ve learned a lot in the last year and we’ve been working hard every day,” Sean said. The livestreams the pair has offered gave them a way to connect with their audience and “keep the fires burning.” The duo is eager to get back on the road and bring their fans the live music everyone has been missing.

Moontricks is gearing up for a lot of new music in 2021 featuring more covers, collaborations, and remixes. “We are currently sitting on a boatload of new Moontricks originals,” Nate said. “We are really excited to share our new sounds with everyone.” Keep updated on all the new Moontricks happenings by following the links below. You can also go check on the new track down below! Make sure to add it to your weekly playlist.

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