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Moody Good Turned Denver Sunny Side Up

Moody Good Turned Denver Sunny Side Up

Kierstin Rounsefell

January 25th, 2020

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Eddie Jeffreys is the name behind the Dubstep genius: Moody Good. This English producer and DJ jumpstarted his career as one half of 16bit before bringing the Moody Good project to life in 2014. Eddie’s first solo album, Moody Good, was released via OWSLA and MTA Records and won Best Album in the 2014 Bass Music Awards.

Moody Good has created a handful of high energy tracks and EPs including “Bite Your Lip“, “Kush“, and the Goofball EP via Never Say Die Records. Additionally, he worked with Skrillex as a sound designer for Transformers: Age of Extinction. Moody Good has played shows all across the United States as well as a handful of festivals including Ever After Festival, Daybreak Festival, and Snowta NYE.

Re:Search in the Name of Dubstep

On Wednesday, January 22, Moody Good brought his Sunny Side Up Tour to The Other Side at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. The Other Side is located in Denver, Colorado and has a capacity of 400. Ergo, it’s perfect for hosting smaller, more intimate shows. This particular event was an edition of Re:Search Wednesdays which showcases different Electronic artists each week.

The Other Side is a small, rectangular, one-room venue. The stage sits at the front of the room near the entrance and there is a full bar alongside one of the longer walls. An elevated area at the back of the venue had live painters set up. This venue also has a unique outdoor area complete with a wooden shelter and multi-level wooden seating areas. Pins, hats, fans, and more were also for sale at different merchandise booths.

Moody Good

Quirky Bass

Jordan Polovina, the host of Re:Search Wednesdays, warmed up the room with a highly creative set. The venue was about a quarter of the way full by the time he came onto the stage. Bassheads were streaming into the venue throughout his set, all adorning pashminas and merchandise from similar Dubstep artists including Excision and Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

This producer, lyricist, and beatboxer incorporated a lot of impressive skills into his performance. Improvisation was key to this lively, on-the-fly set along with a stellar stage presence. As a result, Jordan Polovina was able to engage and connect with the audience while on stage and even got a few laughs from the crowd. At one point, he yelled “making beats in the basement of my mama’s house!” before a crazy drop. Finally, he showcased a hand-drawn animation that he and his friend created called “Black Space Cats“.

Denver, meet Effin.


Effin took to the stage next after a short set break. This DJ and producer graduated from Icon Collective in Los Angeles and also has multiple releases on Never Say Die Records. Additionally, he has a new single coming out next week via Deadbeats. Effin came out swinging from the first second of his set which extremely increased the energy within the venue. Accordingly, his grungy, forward-thinking sounds had the entire crowd moving.

The stage production for the night consisted of lasers and multicolored lights surrounding a small LED wall. Effin played a bunch of his own original tracks including collaborations with Peekaboo and Kompany. He also threw in a bunch of hard-hitting remixes to crowd favorites including “Better Off Alone“, “Losing It” by Fisher, and yes, “London Bridge” by Fergie. The entire crowd audibly and visibly enjoyed his set. Hence, Effin kept commenting on how great of an audience it was.

Moody Good Is Back

Moody Good is no stranger to Denver. Eddie has previously played at venues including Beta Nightclub and Red Rocks Amphitheatre as part of DeadRocks VI. When he finally took to the stage, Denver welcomed him back with a room full of excited cheers and screams. Moody Good switched up the energy in the venue by slowing it down for a few songs during his introduction. Soft pink and blue watercolor visuals accompanied chill remixes of R&B songs until he picked up the microphone a few songs in. “Denver, do you like f—‘ bass?”, Effin asked. Immediately, the crowd screamed even louder and he brought the energy up to a higher level than it had been at all night.

Throughout his set, there was a strong focus on Dubstep-heavy songs (think “Behemoth” by Svdden Death) but Drum-and-Bass was also included. The venue was packed at this point which left little room to move. Almost the entire crowd was headbanging together and moving in sync to the different beats. One of the most unique parts of his set was when he remixed the Super Mario theme song by using sound effects from the game and heavy, bass-filled synths.

Late Night Get-Down With Dozier

At about 12:30am, Dozier took to the stage for a late set. This Denver local’s sound focuses on Grime, Trap, Hip-Hop, and World fusion. Even though the venue had cleared out a little bit, a handful of people stayed to watch Dozier slay the stage. Her powerhouse energy was contagious and her long hair made for a beautifully intriguing silhouette in front of the LED wall while she performed. Slow funk, wubs, and high-strung bass were all incorporated into the super unique set.


In conclusion, Moody Good’s Sunny Side Up Tour was full of energy, Dubstep, and dancing. The smaller venue allowed for a more intimate feel. As a result, the audience connected with each other as well as the artists on stage. For those who like bass-heavy, grungy Dubstep, this tour is definitely one you want to catch.

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All Photos by Simon Quince

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