Hold onto your hats, Denver music lovers! The unstoppable force of rhythm and beats Miss Monique is set to light up the Ogden Theatre on January 27th. This isn’t just a concert; it’s a full-blown musical fiesta featuring the heart-pumping blend of progressive house and melodic techno for which Miss Monique is famous. Get ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Who is Miss Monique?

Miss Monique is a true maestro of the turntables, a wizard of sound who transforms every performance into an electrifying adventure. Her journey from a starting her career as Ukrainian DJ to becoming a full-blown international sensation is the stuff of legends. Imagine beats that make your heart race, melodies that whisk you to another world — that’s Miss Monique’s signature style. It’s not just music; it’s a pulse, a vibe, a wave of energy that sweeps you off your feet!

The Ogden Theatre

And what about the venue? The Ogden Theatre is not just any theater; it’s a historic gem in the heart of Denver. With its classic marquee and ambiance that screams “epic night out,” the Ogden perfectly matches Miss Monique’s electric energy. This venue has seen some of the most incredible music acts over the years, and its walls are practically pulsating with musical history. It’s intimate, iconic and about to host one of the most exhilarating nights Denver has ever seen.

Let’s Go to the Show!

Now, let’s talk about the event itself. Imagine entering the Ogden Theatre, greeted by an explosion of lights and sounds. The anticipation in the air is tangible. Then, Miss Monique takes the stage, and the place comes alive! Her mastery over the decks and the theatre’s renowned sound system will create a symphony of beats that’ll have everyone moving.

This night is more than a concert; it’s a milestone for Denver’s vibrant music scene. It showcases the city’s love for diverse sounds and its embrace of electronic music, a genre that continues to redefine boundaries and unite fans across the globe. Miss Monique’s presence is a nod to Denver’s status as a burgeoning hotspot for great music.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your call to be part of a night where music, history and fun collide. Grab those tickets, assemble your crew, and dive into a night of unstoppable beats and unforgettable memories with Miss Monique at the Ogden Theatre. It’s not just about witnessing a musical genius; it’s about being part of an electrifying celebration of life, rhythm, and dance.

Denver, the countdown has begun. The stage is set for Miss Monique to bring her magic to the Ogden Theatre. Get ready to experience music like never before — it’s time to dance, laugh, and live in the moment. This is going to be one for the books!

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