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Minnesota Kicks off Exit/Reality Tour With Two Nights at Summit Music Hall

Minnesota Kicks off Exit/Reality Tour With Two Nights at Summit Music Hall


January 30th, 2020

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Inspiration From the Greats

Minnesota Night One

Stop me if you have heard this story before; Christian Bauhofer, better known by his alter-ego Minnesota, moved to Santa Cruz, California in 2009 at the age of 18. There he attended his first electronic music festival Symbiosis Gathering. The festival included performances from some legendary names such as Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and The Glitch Mob. Minnesota, newly inspired by the performances from the festival, purchased his first midi-keyboard and downloaded a copy of Ableton. And, within a few months, he was cranking out Hip-Hop remixes that his friends could not get enough of. In 2011 he released two EPs and began to make a name for himself in the scene. Fast forward to 2020 and Minnesota has played all over the country and has become a household name on festival lineups. To boot, he has also worked with some household names such as G-Jones, Adventure Club, and CharlesTheFirst

Exit/Reality Tour

Minnesota’s latest project The Exit/Reality Tour, kicked off this past weekend with a two-night stint at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver. The Exit/Reality Tour is bolstered by a Void Sound System. Void Acoustics is known to produce one of the most crisp and heavy-hitting sound experiences available in today’s market. The sound system is featured in some of the most illustrious clubs from London to Budapest to Ibiza; the Void Sound System is a serious way to take a show to the next level.

The two-night stop kicked off on Friday, headlined by a special Minnesota Downtempo set with opening support from Thook and Eastghost. Eastghost previously played Red Rocks last summer in support for San Holo. He delivered another fantastic performance and looks to be a don’t-miss-act anytime he is in the mile high city. Minnesota’s Downtempo set was certainly an homage to his roots. For example, it included a handful of his older hits including “Relax”, “Stardust”, “Astral Projection”, “Gimme the Loot”, “Blast Off”, and “Indian Summer”. The Downtempo performance was a perfect welcoming act to the tour for any long-time fans. Also, it serves as a great way to test out the capabilities of the Void Sound System.

Eastghost Night One

Night Two


If the first night was a warm-up for the tour, then night two was game seven. Support for the second night included performances from Wreckno and Thelem. Wreckno, who has been making a name for himself lately, looks to be an emerging star in the world of Bass music. Wreckno will be taking to the road this spring on his first co-headlining tour. Additionally, he secured a lineup spot at Bassnectar’s Deja Voom. Main support for night two was provided by Thelem who delivered an expansive journey through a catalog of Bass and Dubstep tracks.

Minnesota, of course, stole the show night two, fresh off the release of his new single “Devour” which dropped last week to boost support for the start of the tour. Minnesota’s headlining performance showcased his ability to continue to expand his sound while delivering the deep-hitting bass that his fans know and love. Behind the controls of the Void Sound System, Minnesota delivered a set that truly felt like a momentary exit from reality. 

The Exit/Reality tour is slotted for 45+ more stops all around the US with additional support from Of The Trees and Abelation who were not included on the first two nights of the tour. Beyond that, Minnesota has a habit of being on a handful of Summer Festival lineups and should be on your radar of acts to catch at any given opportunity.  For upcoming shows and more information on Minnesota’s touring schedule please click here.

Night One Photos:

Photos of Night One by Simon Quince

Night Two Photos:

Photos of Night Two by Julien Deroeux

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