This winter, Mindchatter is embarking on a new tour: A Chorus of Monologues. This tour will bring his new EP, Spiritual Puberty, into the live setting — offering up a treat for fans of his silky vocals and relaxed beats.

Following festival plays this year including CRSSD, Life Is Beautiful, and Vortex, Mindchatter is certainly primed for a new headlining tour. Denver fans can catch him at the Ogden Theatre on February 23rd!

About Mindchatter

Mindchatter is the project of New York City producer and vocalist, Bryce Connolly. He debuted this alias in 2019 and quickly rose in fame once his 2020 album Imaginary Audience garnered attention for its clever vocals and trippy beats.

Last year, Mindchatter unveiled his sophomore album Dream Soup, which launched his first national tour. Beyond his LPs, he’s found success working with his peers. His cover of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks” is a versatile track that works equally as well in a club or on a calm morning. Plus, his official remix of “Dreamland” for iconic indie band Glass Animals launched him further into the limelight.

Mindchatter Joins Foreign Family

Minchatter’s new EP, Spiritual Puberty, is out now via Foreign Family Collective, the record label of beloved EDM duo ODESZA. Foreign Family Collective is home to major releases from artists including RÜFÜS DU SOL, Jai Wolf, Kasbo, and Mild Minds. Mindchatter blends in well with this roster of chilled-out dance producers. His new six-track EP serves as an excellent introduction to fans of the label.

As its name suggests, Spiritual Puberty is about growing up and maturing. This project sees Connolly take creative risks. In his own words, “I’ve been messing around with a lot of different styles on this EP.”

Among those, Mindchatter shows off his upbeat and dance-focused side with “Day Dreams” and “Pull Me Back.” These tracks bounce along to a familiar house beat, while he later takes things in a more experimental direction on “Misunderstood.” This standout cut features a funky bassline and quirky sound effects. Despite the silliness, its lyrics offer a serious mantra for the ethos of this project: “You can dance, you can heal, you can’t fix what you can’t feel.”

Last on the EP, “Phlegm” is a stripped-back track, just vocals and synthesizer without a beat. This reduction in production elements is a stylistic choice that Mindchatter has used to end both of his LPs (with “Referees Don’t Fall in Love” and “I’ll Keep Trying To Explain”). Here, Mindchatter sings with a chorus of his own voice in a highly confessional style. Tracks like this one prove his show will offer something for all sorts of fans: those who want to dance and those who want to feel the emotion of his lyrics.

A Chorus of Monologues Tour

Mindchatter’s A Chorus of Monologues will be a 20-stop North American tour. Based on his recent project, we bet this tour will offer plenty of dancing, maybe a few tears, and hopefully a little spiritual insight, too. For Denver, it’s going down on February 23rd at Ogden Theatre. Secure your tickets here or enter to win a pair to this show!

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