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Mile High Spirits Hosts Another Killer Block Party

Mile High Spirits Hosts Another Killer Block Party

Austin Whitlock

September 10th, 2019

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It has all the makings to become a tradition. Now in its second year, the Mile High Spirits, a one-of-a-kind distillery in the heart of Denver, threw one mean block party. Of course they aren’t just known for their great booze (they debuted the first ever Moscow Mule in a Can). Mile High Spirits also have their roots set deep in the music scene. Last year featured Dillon Francis and Cashmere Cat, but this year we were blessed with Party Favor, 3lau, and Quinn XCII among others. Set to a beautiful Denver backdrop and surrounded by food trucks, vendors, and again, amazing booze, this could not be a better event to attend.

3lau at Mile High Block Party
3LAU performing at Mile High Block Party

Photos by Mark Munson

The event kicked off around 2 PM with local opener Jaguar Nights. Fusing a blend of house and funk, the group offered a great vibe to open the show and brought people in off the surrounding streets with their move and groove. Also, the same could be said about DJ 2AR, taking the crowd to even newer heights with his crafty selections.

Once DJ 2AR finished, next up Option 4 took the stage with his house music magic. Having toured with some of the bigger names in EDM and with a large presence in the Denver market, he was a local fan favorite for sure. This makes it all the more amazing when he delivered.

Mile High Party Does not Stop

One of the things the MHBP should get massive kudos for, is its forward thinking lineup. It could have been easy to stack the roster with DJs and dance music, but through a slight curve ball in with pop-alt artist Morgxn was a great choice. His set was heavy on the vocals, and with enough dance-ability to keep the crowd moving. It was a great change-up for what the crown was already expecting. The performance also fit quite well into what was to come.

As we moved closer to the sunset hours, it was time for Party Favor. Throwing down heater after heater, both from his latest album and digging into past classics, he offered an awesome experience. He was definitely able to capitalize on the people in the crowd that were there to really get down. Thus, Party Favor was a perfect contender to prime the pump for the rest of the evening.

Party Favor at Mile High Block Party
Party Favor performing at Mile High Block Party

3lau and Quinn XCII Draw the Party to a Close

Certainly, it was easy to see that 3lau drew the biggest crowd of the night. Packed stage to fence, the attendees were electric. 3lau certainly paid back dividends on that energy. 3lau was weaving in and out of all different styles, types and genres, while still keeping an accessible pop/melodic focus. The crowd was locked in. Another notable feature was the great lighting that gave a very palpable club-like ambiance to the event. It was a set for the books.

Finally, Quinn XCII blessed the mile high denizens with his infectious melodies. Flanked by a drummer on the left and a keyboardist and DJ on the right, it was clear to be a great time. And it was. The perfect feel-good Summer jams and reflective lyrics is just what was needed. This was a perfect close out on a great event and an even better Summer.

One thing was clear from this event – Mile High Spirits is a lot more than just great liquor. They know their music, and they know how to craft a lineup. MHBP offered a great end of Summer experience and we have them to thank for it. Until next year – and another killer Mile High Block Party!

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