Excision at First Bank Center

Even after two bass-filled nights, there’s not the slightest doubt that Denver’s headbangers aren’t itching for more. Excision (real name Jeff Abel) and friends showed up and showed out for the second night of the Mile High Evolution tour stop at 1STBANK Center. Here’s how it all went down.

Excision at First Bank Center

One on one, toe to toe, and bring your clique with you

The night started with openers Francis Derelle, Stoned Level, Modestep, Funtcase, and PhaseOne B2B Riot Ten. While Jeff is occasionally criticized for repeatedly booking the same openers for his shows, they still put on their Saturday best.

Surprisingly, there was plenty of variety within the opening sets encompassing multiple subgenres. Bass house, trap, riddim, and drum and bass whirled through the venue, raising the energy higher and higher. Each opener also had total production with visuals, lights, and lasers!

Funtcase Set at First Bank Center

One of the best opening sets had to be U.K. dubstep artist Funtcase (real name James Hazell). James brought in that dense, crushing old school sound and dropped it like a bomb. He held nothing back as the thick sounds of bouncy riddim and tearout filled the venue. His set stood out among the rest, which was great to see on a familiar lineup.

Excision at First Bank Center

Throw Ya X Up

Lasers, fire, dinosaurs, and Shrek? These are all things one can witness during an Excision set. This time around, Abel did not come to play. From front to back, he stuffed his set with fan favorites, unreleased collabs, and VIPs. Abel also switched things up by throwing in hardstyle, techno, and drum and bass.

Exicision's fire at First Bank Center

Fire to the bass; let it burn your face!

Abel is known for his renowned production. This year in particular, lasers were installed on the inner sides of the venue facing inwards. Not did they fan out from the front of the stage, but also from the sides of the venue over the crowd. And of course, the wildest pyro was firing all night. All of this combined to elevate the visual experience over that of previous years.

Excision's lasers at First Bank Center

Sound You Can See

The sound quality of the show surpassed expectations as well. It was crisp and full, radiating through your body. It completed the visceral experience of seeing and feeling the audio rather than simply hearing it.

Excision's green lasers  at First Bank Center


Excision is a pioneer in the bass music world. Starting his career around 2006, Abel shook the music world by introducing his heavy brand of bass. Over the past 15 years, he has built a bass music community that’s constantly evolving. Abel has hosted three curated festivals, owned three record labels, and completed countless tours, shows, and releases. He is an inspiration and leader to many involved in the music industry.

Excision at First Bank Center

Till next time

Each year many fans, new and old, highly anticipate Abel’s return to Colorado. And year after year, he finds a way to level up in music and production.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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