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Mile High City Experiences Break Science and Friends

Mile High City Experiences Break Science and Friends

Austin Whitlock

September 2nd, 2019

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It’s no secret that the Mile High City, aka Denver, is the bass music capital. However, you also don’t have to go far to see that the city’s denizens love to get funky as well. Perhaps no show emphasized this more than Break Science and friends at Mile High Spirits.

Mile High Spirits is known as a wonderful concert venue, and is loved by artists in the funky genre. Last time Party Guru Press visited Mile High Spirits was when Michal Menert was in town. The venue was perfect as an after party spot for the Griz show at the Fillmore. The attendees experienced a flurry of funk jams, bass beats, and incredible feel good vibes at both shows. Not only did the crowd witness the sounds of Break Science (composed of members from Pretty Lights Live and Lettuce) but the Denver-based support was also a joy. Namely, Shuj Roswell, Underlux, and Since JulEYE.

Photos by Ash Daniels

The Funk Begins in the Mile High City

First up brought us Mile High City resident Since JulEYE – an eclectic multi-genre mix of turntabilism, keys, and music production and mixing. The three piece live band left a great impression as an opener and set the mood off right. While only on the scene since 2017 – the group sure didn’t sound like it – polished and high energy, they were a blast. They did a great job off filling out the Mile High Spirits’ garage.

Following up the group came Underlux, offering an equally eclectic mix of musical influences. Having started in Hip-hop but moving into accessible EDM while swaying into dub, DNB, funk and trap, he did a great job of captivating the crowd. During this time, we witnessed quite a few people stream in from the outdoor patio during his set. Another perfectly fitting act that help catapult the crowd’s energy into the next act.

Photos by Ash Daniels

Soon after Underlux finished up entered Shuj Roswell and crew. A diverse range of musical artists appeared – from live drums, to keys, to sax and trumpet – it was a party. The group fused traditional sample based hip-hop with warm analog sounds, as well as hard hitting beats sets, which they call Funktronadelic. The drummer for the group was particularly electric, keeping the crowd moving and grooving throughout the entire show. The live brass was also a welcome addition, adding some depth into an otherwise already great performance. Saxophone and trumpet fused together to breath life into the room. It is no wonder Shuj Roswell has worked along the likes of Michal Menert, Exmag, and STS9.

Break Science at Mile High Spirits

Finally, the moment the Mile High City was all waiting for – Break Science. Both Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch took the stage and the crowd swelled. There is a reason these guys are labeled as electro-soul pioneers. Jamming and weaving in and out of familiar hits, such as “Once In a While,” “Brain Reaction,” and “Cruise Control,” the pair lit up the room with their subtle but effective video panels and soaring melodies. Trip-hop, dub, and jazz were bountiful, while break-beat drumming kept pace throughout the night.

All and all, the Mile High Spirits knows how to throw a party. The lineup was perfectly curated. The lineup built on top of each other from beginning to finish. Each act was intentional about creating the perfect atmosphere, and the venue was extremely conducive to the vibe that was created. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of these acts, do so ASAP, as you may not have truly lived until you do.

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