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Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ Mutation Tour Destroys Denver

Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ Mutation Tour Destroys Denver

Kierstin Rounsefell

May 30th, 2019

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus, known by friends and family as Jason Figlioli, brought his 5-month Mutation Tour to Denver on May 26th. This Colorado-based producer has gained recognition from other hard-hitting bass DJs, including Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta. As part of the Never Say Die: Black Label, Midnight T throws down some seriously dark, prehistoric-sounding synths and bass at every show. Some of his most popular tracks include “Jurassic,” (a collaboration with Megalodon), “Planet Purge Pt. 2” with EH!DE, and of course “Mutation,” from his latest EP.

For the Denver edition of the Mutation Tour, Midnight T brought a plethora of guests with him. The lineup featured over 5 hours of music from Mother Lotus, Detrace, Chromatik, Phiso, Delta Heavy, and of course Midnight T. With such a heavy lineup, it’s no surprise that the show sold out. The Summit has a capacity of over 1,300, so that’s a lot of head bangers and moshers!

Outside of the venue, there never seemed to be a super long line as attendees gradually arrived throughout the night. When first entering the venue, guests are greeted by a long, rectangular bar, as well as some seating with a view of the stage. On one side of the venue, there is a place to get slices of pizza and some other snacks. This side of the venue was also where merchandise was set up. Past this was the main hall where it definitely got more crowded as everyone, understandably so, wanted to get as close to the large LED wall and lasers as possible. For those that wanted to have a little extra space and get away from the mosh pits, the VIP balcony was open for an extra charge.

As the show progressed throughout the night, the bass got louder and the drops got heavier. Delta Heavy, who hails from the UK, warmed fans up as direct support to Midnight T. The audience was already enthralled with the amazing production, which escalated into Midnight T’s set. For this show, the lasers were run by local Denver DJ, MPort, who is also going to be running lasers for the Disciple shows at the Summit this coming weekend.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus brought an INSANE amount of energy to the stage. Combined with his intense music, two large LED screens with mind bending visuals, and complex lasers, it was most definitely a set to remember. The dubstep fans that flooded the venue were actually moshing more than they were head banging. At one point, the entire main hall opened up into one giant pit. Even though there was a lot of moshing, no one was noticeably aggressive. In fact, fans picked each other up and protected one another throughout the night.

For dubstep fans who love the likes of Excision, Cookie Monsta, and more, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is one to watch! His live shows are on an entirely new level when compared to listening to his music at home. The sheer force of his music, combined with his monstrous stage presence makes for a truly out-of-this-era experience. The Mutation Tour continues on until mid-June. To see if it’s touching down in a city near you, click here!

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