Midnight Tyrannosaurus black and white

Dinosaurs are extinct — or so you thought.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus shows that not all prehistoric giants have gone. On Friday, July 14th and Saturday, July 15th, Midnight T debuts his first audiovisual experience doubleheader. The Trial of the Blood Moon is a two-night, outdoor venture held at The Mishawaka in Bellvue, Colorado. Featuring themed characters, side quests, and a lineup filled with heavy hitter homies, this is one party you won’t soon forget.

A producer from Florida, Midnight T creates the kind of dubstep that makes you wonder about that whole dinosaur thing. Raw synths and earth-thumping bass coupled with a dysfunctioning electronic printer or dial-up modem type of sound create typical big lizard effects. He has an unmatched, insatiable hunger and he uses subliminal messages interspersed with bleeps and bloops to gain power over party goers.

Joining him on Friday are a bevvy of incredible bass-laden talent. Jiqui, Muerte, Hukae and Mother Lotus hold it down the first night, bringing their flair to the decks. Each set will be deep, dark and full of pulsating bass. Night two features a lineup just as banging, with G-Rex, Sisto, Inaktiv and TyRo throwing down their signature sound.

Not only is the talent enough to get you to this event, but the fact that it’s at The Mishawaka is also a bonus. Legendary in its own right, the space is a music venue, restaurant and bar all rolled into one. Located inside the breathtaking Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, the amphitheater is outdoor and has an almost 1,200-person capacity. The Mish, as it’s affectionately called, is a shuttle-to-venue — so ticketholders, you must arrange your transportation separately.

Get your tickets for The Trial of the Blood Moon July 14th-15th at The Mishawaka if you’re ready for some mind-blowing bass. Whether you want single-day tickets or plan to purchase a weekend pass, either way, this will be one great show.

This event is hotly anticipated, so purchase your tickets now as it will likely sell out.

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