Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission at Mission Ballroom

On October 22, 2022, local Colorado producer Mersiv‘s Mile High Transmission reached Denver and made for an outstanding headline show at Mission Ballroom.

Who is Mersiv?

Anderson Benoit Gallegos, also known as Mersiv, has been making big moves in the bass music scene for the past couple of years. Mersiv is known mainly for some of his hits Beautiful and FilthyFire DanceParadise, and his Get To You remix. Since starting his musical voyage in 2015, Mersiv has made his way to massive festivals like Electric ForestShambhala, and Okeechobee. Mersiv is also the creator of MorFlo records, a platform constructed to showcase artists tapping into their flow through art. Although his focus is on bass-heavy sounds, his range extends far and wide, incorporating dreamy down-tempo sounds mixed with vocals. Make no mistake, though, Mersiv is unlike any other in the current bass scene. Mersiv’s heavyweight sound is undoubtedly deep and penetrative straight into the soul, leaving most speechless and wanting more. He’s currently on tour and made his Denver appearance special as Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission, which signified his return to Colorado planned for next year.

Opening Support
Mersiv Slow Down Set

For those familiar with the span of the Mersiv Sound Project, a “Slow Down” set does not happen often. This set mostly features Mersiv’s down-tempo tracks and creates a dreamy atmosphere. Fans were stoked to witness this lighter side of the Mersiv Sound Project because of its vital role at the beginning of the project! This set from Mersiv was the perfect opening to the show and set the energy in the best way.


Still on the come-up but no stranger to the scene, Duffrey was a highly anticipated support act by fans. Following Mersiv’s downtempo set, Duffrey picked up the pace with his eccentric sounds and bouncy beats. Duffrey’s psychedelic sounds, paired with his face-melting visual production, set the mood just right!

Darci (live)

Unlike Duffrey, many were unfamiliar with Darci and did not know what to expect from their 35-minute set. As a live show, Darci consisted of one person on the decks and another singing and rapping live. Darci was a wild card on this lineup but provided a nice break from heavy, bass-forward tunes with some mid-tempo, vibey hip hop, and rap.


The duo Integrate was one of the opening acts people were most excited about! Integrate is made up of Colorado favorites Black Carl and VCTRE. This duo crushed it with deep and thick sounds ripping through the infamous Mission Ballroom sound system. They definitely got the crowd’s energy way up and ready for the rest of the night!  

Coki b2b A Hundred Drums

Fans were also insanely excited about this b2b! Coki’s appearance with A Hundred Drums was a lovely surprise for fans because of his legendary status and contribution to the creation of bass music. This b2b provided the perfect mix of old-school deep-tempo bangers and newer wonky wubs. They also had a unique visual production by Actualize Visuals that had faces melting all over.

Mersiv Throw Down Set and Production

This was one of Mersiv’s biggest headline shows in Colorado, and the team didn’t come to play. Keeping consistent with the transmission theme, the stage consisted of two satellites on each side that shot lasers! The middle of the stage was a ring with circling lights and lasers that corresponded with the transmission theme. For this throwdown set, Mersiv came with some heat from his Pretty Dark Loud album with songs like Nine Tails and Fire Dance, his Smoakland collabs, and some downtempo tunes. Seeing the Mersiv project production coupled with the sound system of Mission Ballroom was indeed an experience. The Mission Ballroom disco ball even made an appearance as it lit up brightly and created the trippiest illusions as it rotated. The set ended with a visual scene where Mersiv Rocks was announced through a space transmission to Mars, and everyone went crazy!


Overall, from start to finish, the support acts, Mersiv himself, and his team put on a truly memorable show, and we can’t wait to see what else we will see from them in the future! Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission at Mission Ballroom was an experience we will never forget.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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