Numina stage at Danceportation

Meow Wolf Denver has been the talk of the town since it completed construction in September 2021. The building itself consists of countless exhibits put together by over 300 different artists (110+ from Colorado alone).

The installations are each unique and infinitely creative. Most are interactive for family friendly adventures during the day. During the night, the building operates as a music venue typically for ages 18 and up.

Four times a year, though, there’s a 21-and-up event exclusive to the Meow Wolf friends and family: Danceportation at Convergence Station. Such a gathering took place on Saturday, March 11th.

Now Arriving at Party Central

Danceportation offers a different perspective on the Meow Wolf experience. Otherworldly commuters have access to the exhibits throughout the night, providing endless journeys destined for the dance floors.

The space offers plenty of nooks and crannies for people to take a break from exploring or dancing, and the many pathways blend together with routes connecting the different floors. The layout prevents any foot traffic from getting congested, and there are plenty of vantage points to find your way back to the main party.

The more you wander and explore the exhibits, the more secrets you’ll find. The immersive dance party hosts smaller dance floors off the beaten path of the main party for a more enclosed and intimate experience. You might find a special treat waiting for you in one of these secret spaces. Anything can happen, from special guest DJs to live art and even more. The experience consistently exceeds expectations.

The first Danceportation of 2023 was a DIRTYBIRD Players Takeover, fresh at the beginning of its 10-year anniversary tour. DIRTYBIRD Players was a collaboration album from multiple artists, each of whom were playing on different stages throughout the venue.

Choose Your Destination, then Choose Again

Convergence Station consists of four main stages with smaller pop-up stages not to miss. The stages each had three DJs playing throughout the night, giving guests the freedom to change things up.

The main stage consists of a cathedral known as the Perplexiplex directly inside the main entryway. This stage displays visuals along the walls and ceiling tailored to the specific DJs performing in the large room. Gritz, n808, and Dirtybird label boss Claude VonStroke himself each delivered beats that amped up the crowd’s energy for the Saturday event. Depending on which path you choose to go from there, you could wind up at any of the three other stages.

While Perplexiplex is big, the larger of the stages (in terms of the space taken up by dancing and available spaces to take a breather) is known as Numina. This stage spans three different levels and provides many routes to the other exhibits. The DJs playing here Saturday night were Shady Jones, Wyatt Marshall and Lubelski, the latter of whom made the best use of the high ceilings and open viewing walkways above. The large space can be intimidating to try and traverse, but practice makes perfect.

Based on the same level as Numina, though not as wide of a space to navigate, is the Eemia stage. This stage takes up a smaller portion of two floors, with entries and exits going directly to one of two other stages. The DJs playing here on Saturday were Wobble Haus, Taylor Bratches and WOLFiE FENiX. It’s easy to miss this stage in particular, but if you spend the night wandering between the stages and any number of the bars placed throughout the floors and stages, you’ll be rewarded.

Last but most definitely not least is the C Street dance party. This stage transports us to a side street party where the alley cats and rats come out to play. Also home to some super secret pop ups, C Street offers endless possibilities to where the party can take you next. The bass was nothing to shy away from on Saturday night. Macefacekilla, Raecola, and Mike Kerrigan unleashed some high-tempo grooves laced with the right amount of low end frequencies to keep the bodies moving.

Vacation with Danceportation

With the ingenious combination of art, dance and music, Danceportation is offering limited seats for departure. A rare treat for the party feet, this event is limited to less than a handful of showings a year. Tickets to the next party can be found here while early bird pricing lasts. Immerse yourself in the realities you never knew existed. To which world will the party transport you?

Photos by Daren Lee

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