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Matty Matheson Braves the Cold for a Comedy-Packed Night

Matty Matheson Braves the Cold for a Comedy-Packed Night

Patrik Essy

November 1st, 2019

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From ViceLand to YouTube to MTV, this guy is everywhere. Matty Matheson, 37-year-old chef and internet entertainer from Canada, started Wednesday’s performance off with a bang. Beginning the show with side-splitting stories about his friends’ adventures (for legal and non-business reasons), he then transitioned to telling the story of how he came to be on that stage.

Matty Matheson’s journey to the stage began in the friendliest country around, Canada–even the police, he says, are extremely nice in Canada. Soon, his culinary experience grew. While talking about his cookbook, Matty Matheson: A Cookbook, the subject quickly turned to his time at culinary school.

The crowd continued to roar with laughter as he told of a time when he missed two weeks of school. As a result, he returned to a confrontation with his peers… a joke you’ll have to hear for yourself when you catch him on tour.

Luckily, The Happy Vulnerable Tasty Sadness Tour will have one more stop in Chicago at the House of Blues before ending.

Photos By Patrik Essy

Just a Dash

Halfway through his performance at Cervantes Other Side, a new episode of Just a Dash was shown. Asking yourself what that might be? It’s actually his new show currently under production. Of course, as a New York Times Best Selling Cookbook author and amazing chef, this should be a greatly entertaining show.

More Matty Matheson

More of Matty Matheson’s work and entertainment can be seen below:

Traveling the world documenting all of the great meals he encounters Matty Matheson’s videos are always entertaining.

Previously, he began his career making videos for ViceLand.

Afterwards, moving on to be in his own TV shows such as Dead Set on Life, Its Supertime!and Vice Essentials.

Ultimately, this is one comedian, chef, entertainer you won’t want to miss if given the chance.

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