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Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Matisyahu will bring his blend of spirituality, beatboxing, reggae and alternative music to the Ogden Theatre this coming spring. On Saturday, March 2nd, Matisyahu is set to take you on a spiritual voyage for the Hold the Fire Tour. It’ll be a journey of a lifetime.

Né Matthew Paul Miller, Matisyahu grew up in White Plains, New York. Raised in the Jewish faith, he grew up going to Hebrew school and learning the fundamentals of Judaism. In his teens, he rebelled against that life. It wasn’t until he discovered Bob Marley and reggae music that he returned to his faith. Growing up, he listened to groups like Phish and Grateful Dead. But reggae gave him a musical awakening he didn’t know was possible.

Reggae introduced him to Rastafari, which incorporated elements of the Old Testament in a way that resonated with him. So much so, in fact, that his musical trajectory, including his first two albums, fused reggae, spirituality and his Jewish belief system. In 2004, he released his first album, Shake Off the Dust…Arise and began touring extensively. In 2005, he had a full-circle moment while at Bonnaroo. Trey Anastasio, one of Phish’s founding members, asked Matisyahu to perform alongside him.

Now Matisyahu is back with his most current offering, Hold the Fire. Debuting in February 2024 on his Fall Sparks Records imprint, the EP focuses on the four earth elements. His newest single, “Fireproof ” delves into his “artistic fire.” It highlights his ability to continuously keep it burning while staying humble and persevering through anything.

Spirituality is a recurring theme throughout his music, but Miller has been careful about not incorporating politics into it. He’s steadfast in his beliefs, an activist who strives to use his platform for good. He maintains that music is a way to bring people together, and he uses it whenever possible. Take, for example, this tour. Matisyahu is donating $1 of every ticket sale to the Last Prisoner Project, which is a nonprofit dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.

An artist as unique as Matisyahu deserves to perform in a location as distinctive as he is. So, of course, he’s performing at The Ogden Theatre. The former movie theater-turned music venue is located in Capitol Hill. It’s full of rich history, so of course it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Ogden Theatre can fit 1,600 attendees and any spot in the venue offers a great view of the stage. Plus, the theatre has two bars, so what more could you want? An intimate venue for a cherished performer: perfect.

Joining Matisyahu on this tour is Cydeways, an alternative reggae band originally out of Boston but now based in California. They’re the ideal band to accompany Matisyahu.

If you’ve never had the chance to catch Matisyahu and hear his musical offering, well, now’s your chance. The Hold the Fire Tour hits 34 cities across the US, but March is your chance to catch him at The Ogden Theatre. His shows tend to sell out, so get your ticket today for Matisyahu’s Hold the Fire Tour, happening Saturday March 2nd at the Ogden Theatre.

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