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Martin Jensen Interview: Denver’s Temple

Patrik Essy

December 2nd, 2019

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Last week Martin Jensen sat down with Party Guru for a short interview that quickly turned into a conversation. Being his first time in Denver, Colorado, Martin Jensen seemed very happy and excited about the turnout. Curious as to what was said during this interview? We got you covered; check out the audio and text dialogue below!

Martin Jensen Featured Image

Martin Jensen at Temple in Denver

22 November 2019

Interview conducted by: Patrik Essy with Party Guru Productions

Patrik: Alright, Matin Jensen preforming at Temple in Denver, Colorado, tonight, opening up for Lost Kings, how are you doing?

Martin: I’m doing very very well.

Patrik: That’s great to hear, how was getting here? You guys were a little delayed.

Martin: Uhhh yeah, but everything is delayed, I think, when you’re driving an RV like this.

Patrik: Yeah absolutely, I bet traffic was hectic and…

Martin: Yeah it’s really good until we came into like, I think 50 miles before Denver.

Patrik: Where did you come from before this?

Martin: Rapid City.

Patrik: Rapid City, how was that show?

Martin: It was not a show, it was just driving around to look at the… we went to Badlands.

Patrik: Nice, okay.

Martin: Yeah so nice, and so the last show was in Atlantic City.

Patrik: Awesome. How’d you like it?

Martin: It was really good.

Patrik: That’s great to hear.

Martin: And the casino, HQ club I think it’s called.

Patrik: Okay.

Martin: Yeah it was really good.

Worldwide Fans

Patrik: Yeah, that’s awesome to hear! I was actually going to bring up a question about, how you have been doing this for 10 plus years with all of your club shows and club experience…

Martin: Yes.

Patrik: Where in the world would you say is one of your favorite places to perform?

Martin: I love performing in Scandinavia, of course, because my home country is there.

Patrik: Absolutely.

Martin: But also, I love Indonesia a lot…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: Because Indonesia it’s like, you have to see it this way, when people are buying a ticket to see your show in Indonesia, they are using roughly two months’ salary…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: Because they don’t lend anything and to bring DJ’s out to Indonesia is quite expensive…

Patrik: Wow.

Martin: So, they’re spending a huge amount of money to come and see you and when they are finally coming to see you, they are so engaged to the music, because it really like is only the supper fans…

Patrik: Yeah, absolutely.

Martin: It’s not like playing here in Denver tonight, where there’s like two really happy to go and they bring the two friends that don’t really want to go out, but they are going to tag along…

Patrik: Yeah, for sure.

Martin: Yeah and then they are going to be on the dance floor with their hands crossed over, thinking “Uh can I get home, why is this place so expensive” …

Patrik: Yeah hahah, versus the people that are super in tune with you, singing your lyrics and all that good stuff…

Martin: Exactly, yeah exactly .

And Worldly Tastes

Patrik: Yeah absolutely, so speaking on going around the world, random question for you, but what is your favorite food?

Martin: Danish food?

Patrik: From anywhere around the world, so let’s do a Danish food and then let’s do one from all around the world.

Martin: Tortillas!

Patrik: Explain that to me a little bit.

Martin: Tortillas?

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: The Mexicans tortillas?

Patrik: Oh yeah, tortillas! Like burritos and tacos and all that good stuff.

Martin: Yes, but not that spicy.

Patrik: Okay.

Martin: Yeah it has to be like mild.

Patrik: See that is one thing that we are famous for here in Colorado is our green chilies, it’s a pepper that they roast, and it gets supper spicy so…

Martin: I would never eat that.

Patrik: Yeah, so if you go to any of the Mexican restaurants around here and they ask you if you want green chilies, back away from that, you don’t want that…

Martin: Definitely not.

Patrik: That’s awesome. Alright so saying that you are from Denmark, right?

Martin: Yeah.

Old-School Roots

Partik: So, growing up what were some of the genres that you would listen to the most?

Martin: It was very commercial. It was really Pop and old-school music. Also, my parents would listen to that so that’s what I would listen to…

Patrik: Yeah, always listen to what your parents listen to.

Martin: And then just like, getting a little more interested in other genres when you grow up, like getting a little older, like experiencing a little bit of EDM and moving that way around like, what do they call them? Safado, if you remember them? The Danish drummers…

Patrik: I want to say that I do, they ring a bell.

Martin:  Doo da doo da doo, doo da doo da doo

Patrik: Yeah, I think so, it rings a bell.

Martin: They were like the first of doing drum, bass kind of…

Patrik: Like drum and bass music?

Martin: Not drum and bass but it’s like, they came from classic music…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: And just banging on drums…

Patrik: Right.

Martin: So that was kind of the first experience I have, like with EDM…

Patrik: That’s really cool.

Martin: And then of course, Yo Dance…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: Yeah like old Kaskade, Dispiline, Jhoplin, all the old guys you know all that kind of stuff…

Patrik: Yeah, that’s awesome.

Martin: And then of course I started producing my own stuff.

From Pop to EDM

Patrik: So, speaking a little bit more recently, nowadays what, or should I say who, might I say, are some of the artists that you listen to?

Martin: So right now, I am always listening, and I always have listened to Taylor Swift…

Patrik: Yeah, that’s awesome, yeah.

Martin: I have a love for the whole universe of her. The lyrics, her performance, everything she does…

Patrik: Ok.

Martin: Chainsmokers, I love… I love the way that he is going in a new direction with EDM, right now I’ve backed a little bit off because it’s going, in a lot of way from EDM that you can take it…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: Because Drew is singing and I can’t sing, and then I’m just a lot into the Pop world.

Minions and Tropical Ducks

Patrik: That’s awesome, yeah that’s great to hear. Alright, from putting minions into some of your music, to the tropical duck army, it seems you are pretty versatile when it comes to making music…

Martin: Yeah!

Patrik: So, a question that I had for you is about YouTube. Is YouTube a platform that you try to post to often? I saw that you have a lot of vlogs…

Martin: I find YouTube extremely hard…

Patrik: Yeah, persistence.

Martin: Yeah, we’ve tried for so long time now and it doesn’t work for us…

Patrik: Really?

Martin: Yeah like I have half a million subscribers…

Patrik: Right.

Martin: Our videos are getting 2-4 thousand views…

Patrik: That’s amazing.

Martin: No that’s really bad. So, we don’t want to waste time on it anymore…

Patrik: Yeah, that is true.

Martin: Yeah, so now we are spending a lot of time on TikTok…

Patrik: Oh, ok nice!

Martin: Because that’s a media that’s actually blowing up…

Patrik: Yeah, especially after Vine got taken down and all that kind of stuff.

Martin: But yeah, TikTok is really moving…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: And whatever I post in there is getting hundreds of thousands of views…

Patrik: That’s fantastic.

Martin: Yeah, it’s nice, so that’s a media I’d like to go for.

Patrik: Yeah, it’s really that you that you found something that works for you…

Martin: Yeah.

Patrik: And that you also enjoy doing as well. That’s awesome…

Martin: Yeah, exactly.

Move on What I Like

Patrik: Who in your life has influenced you the most to make the music that you do today?

Martin: Oh, yeah, I don’t know if it’s any people that are actually doing it, I think it’s move on what I like…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: I think I’m just trying to move more on what I like, so it’s moving on what I like.

Patrik: So, anything that you want to hear is what you are trying to create?

Martin: Yeah exactly! Yeah, so what I hear on the radio is what I kind of want to try and make, and of course I am inspired by a million other artists and music geniuses, but I just like to produce what I would like to hear myself…

Patrik: Dude, that’s awesome. That’s all original, all originality and that is always something that is great to hear…

Martin: Yeah!

Patrik: Right on man, we could keep going…

Martin: That was fast!

Boston Common

Patrik: I have a couple more for you. Alright let’s do… so you are on a U.S tour right now, correct?

Martin: Yes.

Patrik: Where did you find the inspiration for that and where has been one of your favorite stops so far?

Martin: Boston, was actually really good…

Patrik: Massachusetts?

Martin: What was the club called? *Paradise Rock Club* …

Patrik: Okay, very nice!

Martin: Yeah, actually very nice club. I expected something else with that name to be honest, but it was super nice, and all the people were super engaging, singing along to all the lyrics and so Boston was really good…

Patrik: Yeah.

Martin: Now is kind of turning into a residency for me. That’s like the fourth time I’ve been there now…

Patrik: Yeah! Really?

Martin: So, it’s always nice to come back.

Patrik: Especially with those dedicated fans, you probably start to see that a lot more there.

Martin: Exactly, yeah. Now we have Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Portland and Seattle…  

Patrik: That’s fantastic

Martin: Yeah! So, we are like seven dates back, but so far, I would have to say Boston! But hopefully tonight it’s going to be Denver.

Mile High First-Timer

Patrik: Have you performed in Denver before?

Martin: No, never.

Patrik: Have you vacationed here before?

Martin: Never.

Patrik: So, this is your first time here?

Martin: I’m virgin.

Patrik: Awesome! Well hopefully they show you a great time tonight, I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t.

Martin: Hopefully, exactly. You going to stay for the show?

Patrik: I will, yeah! I’m actually really excited for the show. This is going to be my first time at that venue.

Martin: Oh, cool! I have heard a lot of good stuff about the venue.

Patrik: I have heard fantastic things about the venue.

Martin: I’m interested to see what’s coming.

Patrik: Yeah, I’ve looked up a few pictures of it and it looks like they have visuals from bottom to top and everywhere, it looks super cool and interesting.

Martin: Oh, cool! Can’t wait now.

Patrik: It should be super cool, I guess that takes out a couple of questions since you have never been to Colorado before. Do you plan on staying here for a couple of days?

Martin: Nope.

Patrik: You take off, probably, right after?

Martin: We have to go in the morning to San Francisco to play a show there tomorrow night. Then we are going back to Denver to pick up the RV and drive to Chicago so I can go home and do some gigs in Europe. And then we are coming back the eighth of December and ending the tour.

Patrik: Wow, busy guy.

Martin: Yeah, yeah, a lot of shows.

Coming Soon…

Patrik: What do you have coming up besides tours or shows do you have? What do you have coming up that you would like to tell the people?

Martin: I have a lot of stuff coming up. I have a brand new label launching…

Patrik: Wow, very nice.

Martin: And then I’m launching a new merch line, as well.

Patrik: Very nice.

Martin: Yeah just busy with the whole new tour system we’ve been setting up now. We are going to play all the big festivals in Europe and Asia next year, so it will be very interesting for not only the American market but hopefully we can move over to America to play a lot more here, and that is also the reason for us doing this tour now. To try to play more of the U.S, instead of do two gigs, fly out. Do two gigs again, fly out. Trying to do a tour and we were really lucky Lost Kings wanted us as a special guest on their tour. So, appreciating that a lot, and then also seeing the clubs that we’ve played so far are really liking it.

Lost Kings

Patrik: So, touching on the Lost Kings a little bit, what is your relationship with them? How’d you meet them?

Martin: Actually, very little, I’ve said hi to the guys three times…

Patrik: Really?

Martin: But they seem like some supper nice guys. The three times have just been ‘hello,’ we haven’t even exchanged ‘how are you’…

Patrik: That’s insane!

Martin: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to do a full tour with somebody you’re not even, ahh I think I remember their first names.

Patrik: So, the type of people that if you were in a crowd, you might be able to point them out?

Martin: Oh of course I can! Because I’ve seen them walking in and out of the booth, it’s just like, when you both are so busy you got to get in and out for gigs and moving on. But from what I know, they seem like nice guys.

Life in an RV

Patrik: That’s awesome, alright let’s see what else we have on here. How is, how would you say traveling around in an RV / tour bus scenario is for you? Does it start to take a toll? Or is it really not that bad?

Martin: I like it a lot, I like it a lot. But I also have a lot of energy.

Partik: Yeah?

Martin: If you don’t have a lot of energy it might be…

Patrik: It might be tough?

Martin: It’s tough. Yeah. But I like it a lot, it’s good for me.

Patrik: That’s honestly, that’s great to hear, you guys have a great setup here.

Martin: Yeah, we do! So, it can expand in size here so it can be twice as big…

Patrik: That’s nice.

Martin: But I don’t think that would be really good to do on the side of the road.

Patrik: Yeah, not at all! Especially with these small Denver streets.


Patrik: So, talking more about festivals, what festivals have you performed this year?

Martin: What I have performed this year?

Patrik: Let’s say U.S. festivals.

Martin: No U.S. festivals. Only been club shows and stuff like that. We just confirmed the first Lollapalooza in Europe and hopefully there comes a few more of them, and then we are going to see what’s going down from there.

Patrik: Yeah, absolutely. That should be awesome.

Martin: But the new year, it’s going to be really good.

Patrik: So, performing festivals is probably a lot bigger scale than performing at smaller venues, which would you say you like more?

Martin: Depends. Because if I’m playing in a club where everybody is singing my lyrics, I’d rather prefer that. Versus play a huge festival where everybody is kind of just looking at you. But if it’s the opposite, where everybody at the festival is looking at you singing your lyrics and you are standing in the club with nobody signing along, then of course. I just want to be there where people want to hear my music and what not and be there with me, partying with me because they want to party…

Patrik: Because they want to be there.

Martin: Yeah.

Family Ties

Patrik: Yeah that’s beautiful. Awesome, cool. When was the first time you have ever been to the United States?

Martin: Oh, long long long time ago, first time was with my family in 2001. Where we went to Florida.

Patrik: How was that?

Martin: It was really nice; we saw Disney World and Miami…

Patrik: Beautiful spot then.

Martin: What was it? The drive down? Key West!

Patrik: Key West! Oh, okay.

Martin: So that was the first time I visited. But also, my sister lives in Hawaii, so I’m over here now and then to visit her.

Patrik: That is awesome, do you go to visit her a lot in Hawaii?

Martin: Yeah, now and then.

Patrik: How do you like it?

Martin: I love it.

Patrik: It’s probably a lot different, right?

Martin: Yeah, she’s super sweet. It’s nice to go over. But you know, it’s not like you’re taking a flight over to get a coffee then come home. You have to spend a little vacation time.

Patrik: So, speaking on your family a little bit are they supportive of your music? Have they always been supportive?

Martin: Yeah, yeah, yeah! My mom is very supportive, and my dad is starting to support now. He couldn’t see the idea in the start, but he is supporting me now which is very nice…

Patrik: That’s fantastic.

Martin: Yeah, they are doing a great job, they are supporting me well.

Rock Star Lifestyle

Patrik: That’s perfect. Do they ever make it out to any of your shows?

Martin: When I’m doing my Danish festivals, they come out. But I do quite a bit of them in the summertime they are there to support, quite well.

Patrik: How do they like your shows? Or how do they like the shows in general?

Martin: They like the shows!

Patrik: They like the culture?

Martin: They do, they do, they are still getting used to all the fire and pyro…

Patrik: Yeah! And all the confetti and outfits and stuff.

Martin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But they are seeing how much work I’m putting into it; they can see that I am enjoying it and actually making a living for myself as well. And they can see like, I have a full team now, five to six people that are around me…

Patrik: That’s great.

Martin: So, they can see it’s not, oh go out and drink every night and whatever.

Patrik: It probably makes it a lot easier on you now that you have a team as well.

Martin: Exactly! Exactly, not even that we drink but you know, that’s what they imagine about what your work is. “Oh, you’re a DJ, you do drugs and ladies and drink all the time” but no. There’s a lot more behind it than that…

Patrik: There is a lot more. There is a rock star lifestyle and all that glamorous stuff.

Martin: It’s what you show and what you don’t show.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Patrik: Yeah exactly. So, do you find yourself more of a visual guy, versus anything else? Saying that you like Instagram and TikTok the most. More of the picture, video style of posting?

Martin: Yeah, like Twitter. I have no idea what to use or how to use it.

Patrik: So, if you were to type something up, you’d rather post a picture than do that?

Martin: Yeah, exactly. No no no, I would never know what to text, like “Hey, I’m good today.”

Patrik: “I’m performing in Denver.”

Martin: Yeah, yeah. I should probably do that.

Patrik: Well you found the two that work so might as well stick with them.

Martin: Yeah yeah, maybe. I don’t know. Twitter doesn’t turn me on at the minute.

Patrik: Nothing wrong with that…

Martin: Nope.

Patrik: Alright well, I think that might conclude this.

Martin: It was lovely to have you here.

Patrik: So, you guys take off in the morning and go, so how many more dates do you have on the U.S. show? It didn’t sound like too many.

Martin: We are here until the 21st.

Patrik: Ok

Martin: But I have to go home for 10 days

Patrik: Yeah

Martin: And then come back again the 7th and 8th.

Patrik: So, you are going to be a busy guy. At least it will fill your time and give you something to do, right?

Martin: And we like what we are doing, so that’s always a thing.

Patrik: Yeah, absolutely. So, from not only myself but everybody at Party Guru Productions, I’d like to thank you for conducting this interview and giving us the time for this.

Martin: Thank you, you are very welcome.


Listen to the interview here.

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