Marauda festival DJ booth crowd

Dubstep virtuoso Marauda will bring his Realm of the Damned Tour to Mission Ballroom in November. Also referred to as Rage Realm, this event will be full of neck-breaking bass. Marauda drops the musical fire on Saturday, November 18th, so be ready to dance your ass off.

The artist formerly known as Mastodon, Hamish Prasad rebranded as Marauda in 2019. His use of the Mastodon alias was challenged in court by a band of the same name and he took the decision on the chin. Prasad knew the respectable and easiest thing to do would be to pick a new name and make it all his own. And that he did. The name debacle never slowed his upward trajectory.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Prasad has played at festivals like Lost Lands Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas. His aggressive yet sometimes melodic dubstep and riddim tracks have become fan favorites. He’s all about that bass, and then some.

On this tour, Prasad’s continuing his tradition of not getting on the mic and letting his music speak for itself. Marauda drops the filthiest, grimiest beats and laces them with his ubiquitous audiovisuals — and that’s all he needs. Joining him on this tour are artists who share his love of heavy, earth-shattering bass. This stop includes Infekt, Versa B2B Chibs B2B Executioner, and Hukae, each dropping dubby bombs with flair.

A crew this metal, this full of bass, deserves a venue equipped to handle them. Enter Mission Ballroom. The state-of-the-art sound and lighting are just what Marauda needs to deliver his high-energy, bass-laden set. With a flexible seating arrangement, the room can either accommodate just over 2,000 people or, at the higher end, just shy of 4,000. And because of the configuration, every seat offers a great view of the performers. There are plenty of bars and bathrooms throughout the ballroom, so this place offers everything you might need for a night out in the RiNo district.

Marauda’s shows tend to sell out, so you want to get your tickets ASAP. With a lineup this heavy, sooner is better. Don’t miss out on your chance to get tickets to Marauda and friends on his Realm of the Damned tour at Mission Ballroom this November.

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