On December 8th, the co-headline tour for Boogie T.rio and Manic Focus landed in Fort Collins at the Aggie Theatre. This 17-stop North American tour, cleverly called Manic Daze, Boogie Nights, featured support from Marvel Years.

The final three shows of the tour were all in Colorado, with a run from Boulder to Fort Collins to Frisco. At the Aggie, the night was full of the hottest accessories in the EDM world, as the crowd sported kendamas (sold as official Boogie T merch) and the bands rocked keytars. These three acts threw down a perfect mix of perfectly produced wubs and skillfully played live instruments.

Boogie T.rio co-headlines on the Manic Daze, Boogie Nights Tour
Boogie T.rio

Support for Manic Daze, Boogie Nights

First up for the evening was TwoScoops, a Fort Collins local favorite and no stranger to performances at the Aggie. He was the perfect choice to energize the crowd with his blend of electronic beats, acapella samples, and funky melodies.

Then, Marvel Years (real name Cory Wythe) began his set and brought live instruments into the mix. Marvel Years has served as support throughout this national tour, and he is a regular collaborator with the Manic Focus team.

Marvel Years played songs from his latest EP, Future Bound, which he released earlier this fall. Wythe was a pro at multitasking, handling the DJ decks while simultaneously playing soulful riffs on his electric guitar. The peak of this set was when he dropped his massive official remix of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” Thankfully, once Marvel Years’ set wrapped up, it wouldn’t be the last we would see of him for the night…

Boogie with Boogie T.rio

Next up, Boogie T.rio took the stage to a packed crowd as the first of two headliners for the evening. Boogie T.rio is an extension of Louisianan producer Brock Thorton’s Boogie T project. What started as a dubstep act has since expanded into a trio with Yano on keys, Frankie Castro on the drums, and Boogie T at the helm on guitar.

After the overall-clad band members took the stage, they opened their set with “Get What You Give.” Their set was full of songs perfect for singing along, just like this one. Thorton hopped on the mic to declare that tonight would be all about “OG Boogie T.rio shit.” They indulged in all their classic songs, hitting a pinnacle with their most dance-inducing track, “Disco Moses.”

Boogie T.rio on the Manic Daze, Boogie Nights Tour

“Disco Moses” featured vocals from pianist Yano, along with heavy riffing on his tricked-out keytar: a red Roland AX-Edge with all-black keys. This keytar was the unexpected star of the set, as Yano used it to play the walking bass lines typical to blues and funk (but usually played on strings). Other standout tracks included the reggae-inspired “Reminisce” and the bluesy “Too Thick to Bleed,” which had the entire crowd singing.

As Boogie T.rio wrapped up, they even squeezed in one more keytar solo before going into closing songs, “Dear Weed Man” and “Flava.” It was fitting to end the set with their hit collaborations with electronic duo Ganja White Night. Through these collabs, they closed with a wobbly ode to the signature sound that put this trio on the map.

The Manic Focus Live Band

Manic Focus is the project of John McCarten, known by his fans as JmaC. For this live tour, his solo project expanded into a three-piece band featuring guitarist Marvel Years and drummer Colby Buckler. While JmaC is originally from Minnesota, he now resides in Denver. He showed his new home state some love by closing out this tour with multiple stops around Colorado.

With his opening notes, JmaC took the stage sporting his signature piece of tech: a Numark Orbit wrist controller. This futuristic glowing accessory was a treat throughout the show, as JmaC held up his wrist to show the audience what he was throwing down on the controller.

Early in the set, Manic Focus turned the energy up to 100 by going full speed into DnB beats. It takes more than your average percussionist to play breakbeats at speeds upward of 170 BPM, however. At this moment, drummer Colby Buckler showed off his insane skills to roaring applause.

Next, the band delved into their new material. They played their latest single “Time Passing” with Motifv, along with tracks off their blues-influenced LP Never Not Blue. The album allowed for a moment to show off Marvel Years’ prowess on the guitar, as he played a solo during their collaboration, “Illa Mind.”

Beyond their beloved originals, the Manic Focus live band certainly know how to please a crowd. They pedaled tons of funky remixes, adding killer breakdowns to tracks like 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?,” and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Give It Away.” As a highlight to end the set, Manic Focus invited Yano from Boogie T.rio to return for a solo on keytar. Overall, their live instruments went just as hard as their heavy beats.

What’s Next for These Artists?

Marvel Years, Boogie T.rio, and Manic Focus all represent the best of the best when it comes to live EDM. You can catch Boogie T.rio live at Red Rocks on March 30th at Boogie T On The Rocks III.

If you’re looking to end your year in style with these artists, Manic Focus is hosting an End of The Year Bash with Artifakts in St Petersburg. Meanwhile, Marvel Years is celebrating NYE in our home state of Colorado with a party in Steamboat Springs.

After witnessing the power of the Manic Daze, Boogie Nights tour, you can bet that wherever these three go, killer solos and heavy drops will follow.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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