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Madeon Shows Good Faith to the Fillmore

Madeon Shows Good Faith to the Fillmore


November 12th, 2019

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French Electronic music protege Madeon made his return to the Mile High City this past weekend with a soulful performance of his brand new live show, Good Faith.

At the age of 11, Hugo Leclercq (better known as Madeon) began producing music under the alias Daemon. He went on to become a viral sensation in 2011 thanks to his Youtube video and breakout hit “Pop Culture”. The video showcases Madeon’s creativity and innovation combining 30+ pop songs into a reimagined dance hit. It racked up millions of views in its first few days and currently has an impressive 50 million views 8 years later. The video is a timeless showcase of his skills. It also provides a peek into some of the elements that make up the production in Madeon’s live show. After a few years off tour, he took to the Fillmore Auditorium Saturday, November 9, touring his new show Good Faith Live.

Oregon Warrior Goddess, LP Giobbi

The evening kicked off fantastically, garnering support from LP Giobbi; a self-described “producer-DJ-music director-synth warrior goddess born in Oregon and based in LA”. She delivered a set full of light, poppy, and dancey House music. LP Giobbi got the crowd moving and set the vibe for a cinematic and illustrious night for Good Faith. LP Giobbi has been billed on festivals such as Moogfest, HARD Summer, Coachella and more. Her track “Amber Rose” was recently named a top 20 massive hit from Coachella this year by DJ Mag. LP’s website states that we can expect a debut EP out in the near future.

Four Years of Madeon

With only one opening act slated for the night, the second performance was the much-awaited return of Madeon. His debut album Adventure in 2015 showcased a transfusion of Pop, Dance, House, and Alt-Rock into his own unique sound. The album would eventually go on to reach number one on the US Dance Billboard Charts. Following the success of his debut album came one of the biggest collaborations in electronic music this decade, “Shelter”. The single is a collaborative piece between Madeon and Porter Robinson. They met in online music production forums as teenagers and “Shelter” served as a coming-of-age track for both of them. The single led to a 2016-2017 US Tour. Following the Shelter tour Madeon was off tour while presumably hard at work on his new project, Good Faith.

Good Faith Live

Fast-forward to Lollapalooza 2019: Madeon blessed his fans with the debut of his live show priming his album Good Faith, due out November 15. Following the debut Lolla performance, Madeon quickly announced he would be taking the show on tour. One of the first few stops of that tour was here in Denver, Colorado at the Fillmore Auditorium. The performance featured several of his previous best-known tracks; such as “Pay No Mind,” “Beings,” and “Shelter”. The night also featured several tracks off his upcoming project, including “All My Friends,” “Dream, Dream, Dream,” and “Be Fine.”

In line with his usual sound, the show was full of atmospheric build-ups that seemed to almost flutter away before giving way to powerful upbeat breakdowns and choruses. The Good Faith live show seems to bring forth an animated and comforting sense of growing into yourself. After breaking into the scene via a viral sensation, it is safe to say two albums later that Madeon has cemented himself at the forefront of Pop, Electronic, Alt-Rock crossovers. Madeon and LP Giobbi will be touring the show around North America until the end of the year. We strongly recommend anyone who still has a chance to catch it does so.

Photos by Patrik Essy

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