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Machine Gun Kelly:Tickets To My Downfall

Machine Gun Kelly:Tickets To My Downfall


September 29th, 2020

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Notorious Machine Gun Kelly, (MGK), has made a repeated appearance on national headlines this past month. Not only has the music icon taken home an MTV VMA this past month, but he has also dropped his newest album titled ‘Tickets To My Downfall’, and opened his very own coffee shop, 27ClubCoffee, in Cleveland, Ohio. In light of his fifth studio album release, Machine Gun Kelly has announced that he will be performing for two exclusive live streams this October. The first of the two live streams is set to pop off On October 1st, and will feature a full performance of ‘Tickets To My Downfall’. The second live stream is set to air on October 8th, and will provide a full performance of his fourth studio album dubbed Hotel Diablo

‘Tickets To My Downfall’ was released this past September 25th, 2020. Within the first few days of release the album already has over 500 thousand views on youtube and 50 thousand saves on Spotify. The track “Bloody Valentine” has well over 1.5 million listens on Soundcloud alone. In fact both Travis Barker and Modsun teamed up with MGK to curate the hit. The hit ended up leading to the trio’s victory at the infamous VMA’s. MGK commented about the album explaining that ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ is a sequel to ‘Hotel Diablo’.

 “Hotel Diablo coincides perfectly with Tickets To My Downfall because it starts out purely a rap project, and then divulges into the deepest parts of my mind, soul, my past, revealing things that I’m like, ‘I’m probably this way because of this.’ And then it does this beautiful transition into the last song being I Think I’m OKAY, which is a pop-punk song.”

Unlike ‘Hotel Diablo’ the ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ album has a very prominent pop punk vibe to it. There is also an obvious inspiration for most of the album, MGK’s newest lover Megan Fox. In fact Miss Fox is featured in MGK’s music video for “Bloody Valentine”. The video features the couple together singing the lyrics “In my head in my head.I’m laying naked with you, yeah. In my head, in my head.I’m ready to die holding your hand.”

As for the live stream duo it is set to be broadcasted out of The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California. Travis Barker will be joining MGK on the stage for both anticipated shows. 

Looking to score a ticket? Don’t sweat it, CLICK HERE, to get first dibs before it is too late. The best part about Machine Gun Kelly’s duo live stream series is the affordability of it. Tickets to both the first and second show are priced reasonably at 15 American dollars. Make sure to grab tickets fast because the live stream is limited! 

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