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Lupe Fiasco Brings a Night of Hip-Hop to Denver

Lupe Fiasco Brings a Night of Hip-Hop to Denver

London Lenahan

February 13th, 2020

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Lupe Fiasco brought his legendary music to the Summit Music Hall on February 8th, marking almost fifteen years since his debut album was released. Hailing from Chicago, he began rapping in the eighth grade. The artist drew inspiration from artists like Nas and Ice Cube when he first began creating music. Lupe Fiasco has an impressive discography, from 2006 album Food and Liquor to The Cool in 2007 and Tetsuo & Youth in 2015. Most recently, he released a set of singles in 2019. Soon, Lupe Fiasco will complete the last of his final three albums following the releases of DrogasLight in 2017 and DrogasWave in 2018. Last summer, the artist made a documentary-series about his travels in China available on his website. His show on Saturday night in Denver preludes the 2020 Food & Liquor North American tour. The tour will kick off in March and feature dates across the country.

The Openers

Saturday’s concert began with OTIS & HYP3. They kept their stage lit with red light, performing the songs “Act Like You Know” and “Diamond Dimes”. The duo was wildly energetic with complementing personalities. They successfully warmed the crowd up for a night of rap music. The two certainly possessed a talent that confirmed that the two young rappers are artists to watch.

Next, Old Man Saxon took the stage and the venue was continuing to fill up with fans from Denver. He has music featured on an HBO show, a Netflix film, and more. With a lively and humorous charisma, Old Man Saxon built up a rapport with the crowd. He performed his hit song “The Perils”, which has over four million listens on Spotify. After performing his final song, Old Man Saxon dipped off the stage and then reappeared in the crowd, mingling with concertgoers on his way out.

Lupe Fiasco Takes the Stage

At this point, the Summit was undoubtedly standing-room-only with the number of fans who had gathered to see tonight’s performers. After an energetic introduction from the two opening sets, Lupe Fiasco finally took the stage at the Summit for an amazing night of hip-hop. Lasers flashed green and red off the stage as Lupe Fiasco launched into his first song of the night, “Around My Way”.

Later, a song off of Food & Liquor II was followed by a performance of “The Coolest” from the rapper’s 2007 album. This promised the crowd music from across Lupe Fiasco‘s entire discography. He continued with another song from The Cool, effectively delivering a hype rap song with an almost-nostalgic vibe. This nostalgia, felt by fans of Lupe Fiasco ’s oldest albums, was further cemented to the end as the rapper launched into his classic hit “Kick, Push.” The crowd was proven to be composed of dedicated fans; almost every person in the crowd was shouting along to such a memorable song.

The Show Goes On

The crowd couldn’t get enough of Lupe Fiasco‘s smooth vocals and talented delivery as the night continued. Music was matched seamlessly with visuals throughout the show. Smoke from an on-stage smoke machine complemented a colorful light show illuminating the venue as the night fell upon Denver. The rapper added more songs to his setlist of the night, continuing to focus on the 2007 album The Cool with “Hip-Hop Saved My Life.” He continued to perform songs from across his discography, hyping up the crowd with Food & Liquor’s “Never Lies.” Lupe Fiasco exemplified his talent by flowing seamlessly between the subtle variations in style between each of his albums.

A Legacy to Continue

The rapper ended the night with a heartfelt goodbye to the crowd. Saturday night was in itself a tribute for Lupe Fiasco‘s legacy as an artist. Music venues in Denver have hosted the rapper many times over the years. Saturday night’s turnout for the famed rapper shows that Lupe Fiasco will surely be nothing but success during this year’s tour.

Photos by Patrik Essy

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