Ukraine has been under siege since September of 2022. Nearly a year and a half has passed since the news broke of Russia’s invasion of the unitary state, but the war rages on. Ukraine was known as one of the largest grain exporters in the world due to its extensive fertile land until tragedy struck. Journalists have had a tough time gathering information on what’s happening on the ground and on the front lines due to the control and censorship placed on media by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense. It’s been nearly impossible for war correspondents to gain minimal clearance, but that doesn’t mean the end is in sight for the Ukrainian Crisis.

Standing with Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in a unique position compared to other world leaders in history in the midst of war. He regularly visits the front lines, checks in on civilians and soldiers alike, and often speaks with world leaders in attempts to gain support and resources. The instant messaging service Telegram has proven useful to the Ukrainian government by allowing it to post regular updates nearly every day since the war broke out. The service allows people from around the globe to keep tabs on what’s happening. It provides updates in Ukrainian as well as English translations from Zelenskyy and his team.

Ukraine is not the only country (or organization) putting forth efforts in repelling the Russian military. According to the US-Ukraine Business Council, there are at least 22 organizations accepting donations for the people and army of Ukraine directly. Certain events and companies also donate a portion of the proceeds to support the Ukrainians and other war refugees in their time of need.

The Venue and the Supporting Artists

100 Nickel is a live music and entertainment center with a unique feel. The venue is a woman-owned business serving families during the day, while at night they host more grown-up activities. The entertainment center has multiple locations throughout Colorado and boasts a variety of activities: laser tag, bowling, arcade, live music, restaurant, and a bar. With so much to offer, and as a safe space for LGBTQIA, there’s no better spot to support a just cause.

The electronic show will host Denver-based DJs with a wide variety of tastes between them: downtempo, drum and bass, hip-hop, trap, rap, and glitch-hop. Lemondoza is an immigrant from Russia and has had a large hand in putting together this fundraiser. In social media posts, she has gone into detail about how personal this cause is for her and others affected. Patrick Skyler is a close friend of Lemondoza and has promised some sick beats and bowling impressions. Of course, they had to bring along some more special friends.

Justice for Ukraine

The Mish Initiative presents a special event in support of Ukraine. 100 Nickel, is hosting a “Live on the Lanes” Benefit for the Ukrainian Crisis featuring Lemondoza, Patrick Skyler, Brotha Nature, and Spirah on Saturday, July 1st. All proceeds will be donated to Russians for Ukraine to support the efforts of the Ukrainian people. The venue will have full restaurant service with bowling on a first come first serve basis. Ticket reservation is required to attend — visit the Etix page for more details.

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