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Little L3GENDS Release “Enough”, Out Today

Little L3GENDS Release “Enough”, Out Today


October 31st, 2019

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Little L3GENDS is Dance/DJ duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With both members coming from music heavy childhoods, the two had met and immediately began working on projects. However, after years of back and forth music ideas, one of the members (Bobby Sunderland) had moved to Australia. That caused the two became serious into the scene. Owen Clay and Bobby sent melodies, lyrics, and songs back and forth to each other constantly, even when being across the entire world.

They decided to get serious about the content they were releasing. It was then they decided to give themselves a name that they felt could represent themselves. Little L3GENDS was born, both due to the fact of their small-town upbringing, and the joke that they were new to the scene of releasing EDM music.

For awhile, they continued to work on music, bringing out the best ideas from both of their own experiences. Eventually, Bobby moved back home to the United States, and within that week, both of them were in the studio working on brand new songs to release. The goal of their music and DJ performances were both the same: Make great music that people could relate to, but also have fun while listening. They base their performances off the same objective and really feel that their music should be a way that their listeners can dance, relate, and sing along to, whether at home or at a venue. Little L3GENDS changes the game by the relationship they make with their listeners, the fun-relatable music they bring to the table, and their unique performances.

Little L3GENDS

Little L3GENDS have released their latest track “Enough,” featuring Megan Swindler. Check out the amazing release below!

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