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Listen To Kool Jon’s Brand New Single, “Fractal Cactus”

Listen To Kool Jon’s Brand New Single, “Fractal Cactus”

Kierstin Rounsefell

January 11th, 2021

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Keeping It Kool

Kool Jon, known to friends and family as Josh Rosenberg, is an electronic music producer. Since early 2018, he’s been releasing tracks with a wide variety of sub-genres. Party Guru Productions recently got the chance to chat with Kool Jon. We learned more about him, his music, and what’s in store for 2021.

Music has always been a major part of Kool Jon‘s life. While growing up, he played whatever instruments he could get his hands on. “I played sax and percussion in school band, and I started playing guitar and bass in bands in middle school,” said Josh. His first real experience in the music world came from being a part of a few bands in high school. “First a classic 16-year-old pop-punk band, and then an emo band that gave me my first touring experiences. Since then I’ve played in a few different groups, and I’ve started a lot of different music by myself,” he explained.

In college, he set up a studio in his bedroom and really started producing music for the Kool Jon project. For the past few years, he’s kept up with his involvement by working music festivals around the globe. These include Electric Zoo, Dead & Company’s Playing In The Sand, and so many more.

Focus and Motivation

In February of 2020, his life working the music festival circuit came to a halt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He abruptly went from one hundred to zero and had a surplus of time on his hands. Around this same time, he had finished mixing his latest albums and was starting to release them. He also decided to start streaming on Twitch.

“The streams influenced my production a lot because each day I would try to produce something different than what I had done before, often taking influence from artists I was listening to that week. Because I had no work, I wanted to stay productive, so I tried to organize my days around producing and mixing, and after a few months, I had a number of tracks to narrow down to what I’m releasing,” said Josh.

This last year was his first opportunity to really hunker down and focus on producing music.

“Fractal Cactus”

The latest string of releases from Kool Jon begins with “Fractal Cactus“, which debuted on January 9th. This track is over six minutes of pure relaxation and ecstasy. It’s a chill tune with a seamless combination of different elements. Precise percussion, low, vibrating synths, and a bright melody all make this a pleasing piece to listen to. Throughout the six minutes, listeners will be taken on a journey through this truly hypnotic track.

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Coming Up

If you love “Fractal Cactus“, Kool Jon has some great news for you. Josh explained that he will be releasing “eleven songs over eight releases, every other Friday until April 16.” These will all be dance tracks that span eight styles or subgenres. However, one song is drum and bass and another is glitchy IDM (intelligent dance music). Additionally, “Say It For Me” and “Waterworld II” will also be accompanied by music videos. These are being made by Josh’s exceptionally talented friend, Peter DeBarros. Peter also produced his videos for “Go” and “Rumble Room“.

Josh explained that while he was producing these new pieces, he was watching a lot of Cercle sets on Youtube. “I’d often go into my session the next day and try to borrow elements or techniques from the artist or style I was listening to the night before,” he said. Overall, he is extremely proud of these songs as he believes that he’s finally reached the level of production that he’s been striving for.

Make sure to keep an eye out on Kool Jon’s social media pages (linked below) for upcoming releases! He said that “there is definitely no clear plan for new music, but once these current tracks are out, there will definitely be more, dancey stuff coming as soon as possible.”

Music That Matters

According to Josh, all proceeds from the music produced and released by Kool Jon “will be donated to organizations and funds supporting the black community and other minorities in the US”. For his last round of releases, he donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and the Equal Justice Initiative.

For this current round of releases, he hasn’t chosen any specific organizations to donate to yet. He is always welcoming suggestions as long as “the organization directly helps people in need and that the majority of the fundraising goes to support their programs rather than pay a salary.” Now that he is located in Los Angeles, he is also considering organizations that help house and feed people in the city. If you have a specific cause or organization in mind, reach out to Kool Jon on any of his social media platforms.


Kool Jon is most definitely an artist to watch. He’s dedicated a lot of time to finding and perfecting his signature sound, and this current release does a perfect job of demonstrating just that. Not only does he have ten more unparalleled tracks scheduled to be released between now and mid-April, but he will also be gracing us with two music videos. Furthermore, all funds from his music are donated directly to various organizations such as those that support the black community as well as other minorities.

Josh gives a “huge thanks to Megan Riley who did all of the art for this project as well as the last two albums, Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East for the perfect masters, and Peter DeBarros in advance for what I know will be music videos better than anything I can imagine, as well as any friends I’ve forced to listen and give feedback.”

“I hope y’all like the new tunes!”

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