Liquid Stranger Wakaan Rocks II

This weekend, an unusual event left some speechless and others with symptoms of dubstep-induced bass face. On April 13th, our news feed flooded with unusual reports of unearthly music and psychedelic phenomena taking place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Liquid Stranger had returned to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to debut his Trinity DJ set at a fantastic concert known as WAKAAN Rocks II. As it featured a jaw-dropping lineup and mind-melting visuals, it’s no wonder thousands of bass heads and psychonauts traveled from near and far to experience their own close encounter.

What is WAKAAN?

Visionary artist Liquid Stranger (real name Martin Staaf) founded the WAKAAN music label in 2015. Since its inception, WAKAAN has become a forefront name in the EDM industry for pushing the boundaries of music.

In addition to becoming a vessel for artists to produce their music, WAKAAN’s identity has evolved into more than a label. It is now a prestigious music festival as well as the symbol of a large, dedicated fan base. At any EDM festival, you’re bound to find someone wearing merchandise bearing the signature WAKAAN logo!

Shanghai Doom B2B Sharlitz Web

DJ duo Shanghai Doom stacked a heated set with Sharlitz Web to open WAKAAN Rocks II. Those lucky enough to get through the entrance for their set enjoyed toe-curling drops and deep basslines. Although I was fortunate enough to catch the last few moments of their time on stage, I knew I’d missed something special. The way the crowd was melting and getting down was a testament to their music!

According to Insomniac, Shanghai Doom are originally from Central New Jersey and push the boundaries of experimental bass. They performed at WAKAAN Music Festival in 2023 and have had many brushes with success. Multiple releases through prestigious music labels, such as WAKAAN and Cyclops Recordings, are evidence that these two are not to be slept on.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Sharlitz Web also performed at WAKAAN Music Festival in 2023 and continues to make big moves. Her recent track “4th Kind,” which was released through the WAKAAN label, encompasses her sinister and continuously evolving signature style of bass.

G-REX B2B Sully

Next at the helm at WAKAAN Rocks II were G-REX and Sully. These two spitfire producers are well known to throw down some serious bass, and they did not disappoint! Unreleased collabs and incredible remixes took their show to the next level. One particular part of their set that stood out was when they rinsed “Feel Good Inc.” by The Gorillaz with some filthy bass lines. Although both producers are from Detroit, their styles are distinct and paired well for an enjoyable show.

G-REX dabbles in a variety of EDM genres and subgenres such as bass, trap, and dubstep with releases under WAKAAN. He also has a colorful palette of music collaborations with other producers such as Skrillex, Buku, and PEEKABOO, to name a few.

Sully also has multiple tracks released under the WAKAAN label. He’s currently touring across the United States for his Digital Underground Tour as well!


Things took a turn for the weird and wonderful when DJ duo EAZYBAKED took over. They offered quite a few styles, from vibey bass to face-scrunching riddim. Their show took some unexpected twists, such as when they brought out producer Of The Trees for immaculate vibes as they played their collaboration, “Sapped.” Heartthrob dubstep paired with insane visuals made for a great music set!

EAZYBAKED comes to us from Orlando with success on their horizon. Not only are they returning Red Rocks performers, but they also are headlining their own show at the Mishawaka in August of this year.

Liquid Stranger Wakaan Rocks II: Trinity

Liquid Stranger performs at Wakaan Rocks II
Photo Credit: WAKAAN

As he’s the founder of WAKAAN and a pioneer in the evolution of electronic dance music, we always expect the best from Liquid Stranger. He carefully crafted WAKAAN Rocks II around his much-anticipated Trinity experience for an unforgettable concert. This Trinity set was comprised of three separate, full performances by Liquid Stranger that took place throughout the scheduled WAKAAN Rocks II show.

The first sequence of Trinity was his “Tripped” set, scheduled between G-REX B2B Sully and EAZYBAKED’s time slots. His visual displays dazzled us with magical scenes from outer space and other dimensions to songs like “Dissolve.” He even brought SoDown onstage as a guest saxophonist! Out of the three slots that he performed, I felt this was the most easygoing, and it was very enjoyable.

Next, after EAZYBAKED, was Liquid Stranger’s “Throwback” set, which hit us just hard. He unleashed a barrage of mind-bending visuals alongside psychedelic dubstep from his older albums. Songs like “Jolt” and “Creature” are classics that represent a distinct era in his production at that time. Not only that, but the signature WAKAAN visuals flashing on the stage created a trippy, immersive experience.

Lastly, his final and heaviest set of the night was called “Powergrid.” This set went the hardest out of all three, and it’s easy to see why it was so named. Lead-weight songs like “Jungle” were a huge hit. In addition, whoever his VJ was deserves a raise because they put up the craziest and trippiest visuals ever. The visuals, plus the filthy dubstep from Liquid Stranger, were mind-blowing.

Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan Rocks II: Success

The amount of planning that went into this show was evident. Careful thought was given to the incredible supporting lineup between Liquid Stranger’s Trinity sets. There was not a dry or dull moment from start to finish!

Trinity was incredible to see and showcased different eras of Liquid Stranger’s music. Three full-length sets in one night is no easy feat, however he effortlessly nailed them all. We give kudos to him as well as everyone’s effort that went into the show as it was 10/10.

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