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Lettuce Return Home for Elevate Tour – Photo Gallery

Lettuce Return Home for Elevate Tour – Photo Gallery


December 12th, 2019

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Fresh off their recently announced Grammy nomination, Lettuce made their return to the Fillmore Auditorium for Elevate’s tour. When they return for Colorado shows, Lettuce often plays impressive collabs, like with the Colorado Symphony at the famous Stanley Hotel, and Ghostfacekillah from Wu-Tang Clan at RedRocks. This year they return as the modern Jazz and Funk band nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the Grammys in January 2020. It was a night full of world-class acts as DMC world champion Chris Karns opened the night followed by the legendary Afrobeat band formed in the 90s, Antibalas.

DMC World Champion

Chris Karns, who has also been musically active since the 90s, won the DMC World DJ Championships in 2002. He has played side-by-side with a wide span of legends, from Pretty Lights to Run DMC. This evening he opened the night to chill moods and some classic throwbacks.

Afrobeat Family

Next, the jazzy and funky band Anitbalas danced along with the crowd to their fun Afrobeat music. The band is led by one of the original members, Duke Amaya. He dressed in the most vibrant of pieces which only matched his vibrant energy on stage. The 11-member “family band” all swayed in unison as they cycled through their solos throughout each song.

Grammy Nominees

And finally, Lettuce closed the night showcasing their latest album of which their tour is also named. They played more of their discography as well, but kept it closer to their modern Jazz level almost without saying a word outside of their many gracious “thank you’s” to the loving crowd. They proved they deserve their Grammy nomination and that no matter what type of show they decide to bring back home to Colorado, they have no problem packing the house full of Lettuce Heads. As mostly Colorado locals, we know we’ll hear from Lettuce soon, especially with Red Rocks season right around the corner. Who knows, maybe next time they will each have a Grammy in their possession!

Jesus Coomes of Lettuce

Photos By Julien Deroeux

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