Colorado, get ready for a special treat from Kompany! This winter, the Los Angeles-based DJ is embarking on his 2024 QUORUM Tour. Our state is getting something unique, though. Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder will be the only three cities to witness a special show called Frontier Futurism.

While little is known about this new show concept, we bet it will be perfectly suited for the bass capital of the world. Frontier Futurism will debut at the Ogden Theatre on January 12th. Tickets are on sale now!

Quorum EP

Kompany (real name Kyle Hagberg) is known for his highly technical brand of dubstep. Over the years, he has released tracks on Circus and the legendary dubstep label, Never Say Die Records, which ran from 2009-2022. Subtronics recently featured Kompany on a remix for the beloved ANTIFRACTALS album. Plus, Kompany tracks are a staple on the Lost Lands Festival compilations curated by Excision.

In summer 2023, Kompany came out with the Quorum EP via Disciple Records. This project serves as proof of Kompany’s skill in the dubstep genre after nearly a decade of working in it. Alongside Kompany on this EP are featured artists like BARELY ALIVE and Kai Wachi.

One standout track is “Trash Talk.” It perfectly encapsulates Kompany’s signature style with its heavy drop, robotic sound effects, and high-energy vocal sample. On top of the Quorum EP, Kompany just unexpectedly dropped a new single on Friday: “Strapped.” We hope to hear both of these tracks on tour, as they are sure to please Colorado’s most enthusiastic headbangers.  

Flyer for Kompany at Ogden Theatre

Frontier Futurism in Denver

When Kompany announced this tour, he included a special message to Colorado fans: “Been hard at work with my team curating something special for Colorado. Stoked to present Frontier Futurism ☢️🧪🏔️.” While we don’t know what the new curated show will entail, the hard work put in by Kompany and his team is sure to turn into something special.

Presented by Global Dance, the Ogden Theatre’s opening edition of Frontier Futurism will feature support from Ivory and GorillaT. Ivory is a French DJ who debuted in the U.S. just this year. He came onto the American scene strong with plays at Lost Lands and at The Caverns for SVDDEN DEATH’s Summoning of the Eclipse Festival.

GorillaT, on the other hand, is local to Colorado. He has supported artists like Kill The Noise and Bandlez, and he just released a song with LSDream called “LFG.” With this experience, he’ll certainly know how to open up the show!

Secure Your Spot

Kompany’s three-night run is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the mystery that is Frontier Futurism. Tickets are on sale now for the January 12th performance of this new show concept at The Ogden Theatre. Secure yours now to find out about the future frontiers of dubstep according to Kompany!

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