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Klingande Brings a New Style of Crowd Engagement to Denver

Klingande Brings a New Style of Crowd Engagement to Denver

Patrik Essy

January 2nd, 2020

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Some artists will crowd surf to the front row and back, some will crowd surf on top of something, but not Klingande. He showed love to the fans by jumping into the crowd to play one of their hit songs while being blasted by C02. The place was going absolutely wild.

Of course that place I am talking about is Temple in Denver. Temple night club surely brings the party with hard hitting House music to keep the crowd going all night. Birthdays were also celebrated by bottle ladies creating a glowing line of passage to the drink table. In fact, Temple actually has two separate rooms creating two stages in total. In one room, LED screens stretch from floor to celling. While the other room has light strips stretching across the floor and walls until they reach the back. Temple always seems to get a great turnout with the artists that come through there, even with it being a 21+ club. Down below you can check out their monthly calendar to see who will be playing there! Who knows, maybe your favorite artist is there next weekend.

Photos By Patrik Essy

Having support from friends made this show nothing short of impressing. Joined by a violin player and saxophone player it made for an even better performance. In short, melodic House music was the main genre for the night as even the opening DJ played hit after hit of House music.

Cedric Steinmyler, the main man of Klingande, has a good amount of club and show experience as he has performed many different times all over the world. In 2019 Klingande released his most anticipated album; with that album release he also had 10 brand new productions created. As such a big name you can catch Klingande almost everywhere. One of his biggest gigs for this year seems to be Tomorrow Land Winter; you won’t want to miss that. In conclusion, bringing his new production and album to the table, he’s sure to be an artist that you’ll come to love!

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